Uppity Woman Doctor Pushing Envelope

A family doctor faces being struck off for daring to suggest to women seeking an abortion that they should think twice. Dr Tammie Downes says at least eight grateful mothers have children today which they would have terminated until she asked them to consider the consequences. But Dr Downes, 36, is now being investigated by the General Medical Council for a possible breach of ethical guidelines. If charged and found guilty of professional misconduct, she could be removed from the medical register and forced from her job…Dr Downes, who has been a doctor for 12 years, seven of them as a GP, is a committed Christian. She added: “People talk about being pro-choice as being pro-abortion, but I like to think I am pro an informed choice, which many women don’t always make.”…  (Source)

The current medical establishment is not for “choice” at all. It is for darkness, obfuscation, lies, and deflection. It doesn’t matter what the consequences of abortion are to women, the pro-abort crowd will brook no dissent and accept no alternative to the status quo that abortion is the bestest thing ever invented for women. How could anyone conclude otherwise? 

We all know that this “ethical guideline” sham is just a cover for the pro-abort lobby.  Gotta keep the cheques rolling in, after all. Keep the blood flowing, and the business booming.

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