Uppity Christian Female Won’t Go to the Back of the Bus!

Former London mayor Dianne Haskett will announce today she’s seeking the federal Conservative nomination in London-North-Centre.

Supporters were trying to keep the news under wraps until a reception for her today, but the buzz about her candidacy was so strong yesterday that it was confirmed last night.

She was at the same time one of London’s most popular and unpopular mayors.
Haskett was adored and vilified during her two terms as mayor, but even in the most tempestuous moments, which included a slap from the Ontario human rights tribunal in which she and the city were fined $5,000 for her refusal to issue a Gay Pride proclamation, she won re-election by a two-to-one margin over her nearest rival.


These uppity Christians just don’t know their place in Canadian society. With a 2-1 winning margin for standing up to the Gay Agenda, she is obviously on the outer fringes. Obviously.

I can hear the shrill screams of the progressives already and she isn’t even official yet. Oh well, just in time for Halloweeen, eh?

Go for it, Dianne. We’re behind you 100%.

Annoy the media, and vote Dianne Haskett for MP in London North Centre!

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