Unsung Hero

A tribute to a good friend of mine from Kingston by one of his sons:

Many people talk about unsung heroes such as doctors, nurses, police officers or fire fighters.  I am going to talk about a very important unsung hero in my life, my Dad. 

Unsung heroes do many things for others.  They help other people when they are in trouble or are having problems; they care for the sick or do heroic things.   I have chosen my Dad because he is a good strong Catholic.   Each and every May he takes our entire family to Ottawa for the March for Life.  This is where thousands of people gather on Parliament Hill to pray peacefully for an end to abortion.  We then walk through the streets of downtown Ottawa for an hour.  My dad does many things to try and help end abortion, he writes articles for the paper and websites, he donates money and most of all teaches us about it and to pray about it.       My Dad also reads at church every weekend, and does the collection.  He takes us to church every Sunday and every First Friday he opens the church so the parishioners can go and pray if they want to.

The hardest thing my Dad does is drive to Belleville every day to go to work.  He works at a school for bad behaved kids.  Once a kid ran away and my dad had to chase him down the highway and catch him.   Another time a kid climbed out onto the roof and my dad had to get him down without hurting himself or the kid.   That job is really hard but he is really good at it.

My dad actually works two jobs so that my mom can stay home with all of the little kids and she can spend all that time with them which she loves.

After my Dad works all day he has to come home to a house full of nine noisy kids!  So after working all day with kids he comes home to us kids too.  It is really tiring and sometimes difficult for him, but he does it every day.

The whole family except the 4 little kids does karate.  My dad has his blue belt and so every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday he helps out with the kid’s karate class.  He also goes and helps set up the mats when they need to be.   He also helps us with our homework and helps us study. 

My Dad also was the person who taught us how to play golf.  He gives us tips on how to improve our game and encourages us when we play in tournaments.  When we need new equipment he always gets us what we need.  He helps us shovel and cut grass for our neighbours so that we can save all of that money for our golf membership.  He drives us back and forth to the golf course all summer!

The most important thing about my Dad is that he is a good example for us kids.  He is nice to everyone and teaches us how to be good Catholics.   He talks to us about the Catholic Church, God and Jesus.   He never drinks, smokes or does drugs.  He always keeps us safe and keeps us away from any kind of danger.   He helps my mom watch the kids and he does all the barbequing.  When mom goes to karate on Thursday night he watches all of the kids for an hour.  

My dad is really important to me and the rest of my brothers and sisters (and my mom).  My dad is probably the best unsung hero and the most special to me too. 

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