University of Calgary Jackboots: Back for Another Go

Remember the attempts by the University of Calgary to silence the free speech of Pro-Lifers and how they subsequently backed off?

Well, I saw a comment in the linked thread above which is rather disturbing to say the least…. 

It may interest readers of this article to know that the university is now planning to charge the involved students from the Campus Pro-Life Club with Non-Academic Misconduct: “conduct which causes injury to a person and/or damage to university property… the unauthorized removal and/or possession of university property, and conduct which seriously disturbs the lawful educational and related activities of other students/staff.”

If this is true, it will take the free speech debate to another level completely. It’s not simply about denying “club status” any more, but it becomes about making Pro-Lifers and Christians second class citizens who are not welcome at Canada’s universities.

Dark times ahead.

Or perhaps, we’ll simply create our own universities and let the pro-abort ones die off.  We will, after all, have the numbers.

One thought on “University of Calgary Jackboots: Back for Another Go

  1. Is there an e-mail address at the University of Calgary where we can counteract this movement? If we inundate that university with protest against this movement that university will think twice before they act according to the demands of the pro-abortion group.

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