Trading Cowboy Boots for Jackboots: University of Cal-Jury

CALGARY, AB, February 2, 2009 ( – The University of Calgary has charged a number of its own students with “trespassing” for having set up a controversial pro-life display on campus this past November.Two months after exhibiting the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) the pro-life students received, privately in their homes, summons to court. They must enter a plea by the end of this month, with a trial to be set for later in the year.

The students, who are members of the Campus Pro-Life (CPL) club, set up the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) on November 26th and 27th of 2008.

Leah Hallman, president of CPL, stated today in an interview with LifeSiteNews that the students were “shocked” when they received the court summons, but added that “we did have an idea that it was coming.”

“We’re disappointed in the university,” she said. Hallman said that CPS expects that six students in total will receive the summons, but that the summons have only been gradually coming in over the past week and a half. 

Since 2006, the GAP, which includes large color photographs of abortion and compares abortion to other past genocides, has been set up on campus six times without incident. In 2006 and 2007, the University had protected the club’s right to put up the display under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

This year, however, the University threatened the pro-life students with arrest and academic sanctions, including possible expulsion, if they set up the display. The University justified it demands saying that it had received anonymous complaints about the graphic display, and said that the display could provoke violent reactions.

In a speech to be delivered at a press conference later today, which has obtained a copy of, CPL accuses the University of employing a “double standard” in charging the pro-life students.

“By acting on their threats to bring legal action against their own students, who sought to engage their campus with meaningful dialog on an important issue, the University has revealed a disturbing double standard,” reads the speech.

“It is a double standard when the signs of Campus Pro-Life are censored for being too graphic when less than thirty meters away the university celebrates a graphic protest of the horrible atrocities committed against the Falun Gong. … It is a double standard when an institution dedicated to unfettered thought ruthlessly silences those who disagree with them.”

The speech concludes, “We of Campus Pro Life are now preparing to face the judicial system because we dared to believe.  We dared to believe in a world which personified the famous slogan of the French Revolution; ‘Liberty, equality, fraternity.’  We dared to believe in a world which does not brutally dismember a quarter of its population.  We dared to believe in a world free from the scourge of abortion.”

“We await with indifference the outcome of this trial, for we but did what our consciences bid us do.  To have done otherwise would not be worthy of the legacy of Canada and of freedom.”
University of Calgary contact info:

Dr. Harvey P. Weingarten, President
Administration Building, Room 100
University of Calgary
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4
Phone: (403) 220-5460
Fax: (403) 289-6800

The University of Calgary has decided to declare war on its own students for doing what is natural at a University: challenging the prevailing norms, views, and authorities.  Is that not what liberals have been doing the past 40 years? Questioning authority? Pushing the envelope on the boundaries of societal morals? However, now that the foot dare drop on the other side of the line, their true fascist sensibilities become plain for all to see.  For them, it was never about free speech. It was about using free speech to advance their perverse agendas, and discarding freedom of expression once their agenda reached its goals.  After all, free speech is great when you are not the authority, but it can be dangerous when you are

The University of Calgary has figured this out, and, true to its liberal dogmas of silencing dissent against the abortion gods, it has decided to take its own students to court to punish them and to muzzle them — all because the Univeristy administration does not want the general university population to see the truth of what abortion is.  Abortion is a messy business, but the university administration wants to ensure that the messy business is covered over.  The GAP display brings all of the pro-abort lies down in one instant without even saying a word. Pictures tell the truth, but the University of Calgary wants to cover the pictures and cover up the truth. That’s why they’re hauling the students to court: to “convict” them of “trespassing”. They don’t even have the courage to tell the students what they are really on trial for. And we all know what that is. The students are on trial for having politically incorrect opinions on abortion and expressing those opinions on a Canadian University’s campus. 

The Administration offered a comical justification for their actions, claiming that it had received anonymous complaints about the graphic display, and said that the display could provoke violent reactions.  Did you catch that? The University tacitly admits the violent nature of the pro-abort extremists within its midst, but refuses to extend the necessary security precautions to the students in exercising their free speech.  That’s a typical liberal response, if there ever was one. Instead of protecting the right to free speech, the University has manufactured a half-truth to excuse itself from upholding the reason for its existence.  (Somehow, I doubt the pro-life students would be too concerned if the University were not to offer any security assistance, in any case.)

Canadian Universities are more illiberal now than the country as a whole. That’s quite a statement considering what a university is supposed to be about, but then again our universities can hardly be called centers of learning, debate, or inquiry any more.  Like I tell some of my friends, “Just because it has four walls with the words ‘School’ on it, doesn’t make it so.”

The University of Calgary can no longer be considered an open and free university.  I strongly encourage their alumni and all Canadians to voice their opposition to the University Administration’s totalitarian decision.  They are so obviously consumed and obsessed in protecting the abortion religion that they are undermining one of the reasons a university exists in the first place.

That’s the sad reality of Canada’s universities today.  And the University of Calgary is leading the way.

One thought on “Trading Cowboy Boots for Jackboots: University of Cal-Jury

  1. When people have been educated in our Darwinian humanist schools and universities to become Godless liberals they argue that Christianity, not Godless humanism has been destructive to civilization, and they leave important facts out of their arguments. They assume that the textbook arguments are true. They ignor the incredible contributions of Christianity to humanity, from hospitals, schools to universities, and the Moral Law based on the Bible and the Ten Commandments, the restraint on governments and industrialists exploiting the public, and the furtherance of goodwill in our society. The fighting for the so-called Darwin’s lower races to get the vote here in Canada in 1947 and around the world.

    By contrast Godless Darwinian humanism has educated people to pursue their own selfish desires. Darwinian Humanists forget that far more evil has been done in the name of institutionalized atheism than in the name of Christianity. More blood has been spilled as a result of institutionalized atheism in the 20th and 21st centuries than all other causes in all the other centuries combined.

    By attacking christian public expression and establishing politically correct Darwinian humanism as a religion and institutionalizing atheism through schools and universities, Darwinian humanists have successfully removed and marginalized Christianity and the Moral Law from Canadian society. We must nolonger stay silent about this. Thank you for speaking out against this evil sweeping our land, and socially engineering most of our people to love without meaning and abort the little ones without guilt through our universities. This is what the new Godless Canada has become.

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