University Bows to Homosexual Pressure, Cancels Blood Drives

San Jose State University has banned blood drives from campus because homosexuals are not allowed to donate.

The Food and Drug Administration last reviewed its ban on homosexual donors in March 2006 and feels the policy is still appropriate.

“We’re not arguing anything about the science,” said Larry Carr, university vice president. “We’re not in a position to argue the science. We have a conflict with a nondiscrimination policy on our campus.”

Dr. Jim Small of the Christian Medical Association said San Jose State is letting its zeal for gay rights cloud its judgment.

“I think that despite their denial of this, that they are clearly making a political statement,” he said.

San Jose State students and faculty donate about 300 units of blood a year, and, according to Michele Hyndman of the Stanford Blood Center, any further losses could put local patients in jeopardy.

“Our fear would be that other organizations would ban blood drives following San Jose State’s lead,” she said. “That would be devastating to the blood supply.” (CitizenLink)

Now….who was the fool who said that the “State had no business in the bedrooms of the nation”? 

Just sign on the dotted line to accept the risks, dear, we seem to be short on blood from low risk users today.

As we are finding out very quickly, somone else’s license is another person’s enslavement.

Like I have always said:  Freedom without truth is just a different kind of enslavement.

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