Union Gets A Comeuppance

WINDSOR, Ontario, June 26, 2012 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A pro-abortion rally organized by members of the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) Local 444 as part of a protest against the “New Abortion Caravan” didn’t go as smoothly as planned, after a crowd of pro-life union members showed up at the event in a counter protest.  CAW rally organizers said the pro-abortion demonstration was also staged to protest Conservative MP Steve Woodworth’s motion in the House of Commons calling for Parliament to establish a special committee to consider when human life begins…

Whoa. Now that must have been a surprise.  I think we are getting much more bolder…in places where we would least expect it.  This caravan which rolls into Ottawa this July 1 weekend is going to shake things up.  It might be a watershed for the Canadian Pro-Life Movement.

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