One thought on “Unholy Mass in Austria With Explicit Approval of Cardinal Schonborn

  1. We ought to pray for our priests and their flock. It is not only the disobedience to Rome, to the norms that are already written and not too far ago, reminded to all priests about the discipline in the Sacrament of the Eucharist; when we have these type of things either back or never stopped despite the letters and documents from Rome.

    We have a daily duty all those priests and brothers and sisters.

    There are those who throughout ignorance are dragged there. Despite of the ignorance, all of us are accountable before God, because there is what is called “guilty ignorance”.

    The RCChurch has issued many documents, including the still recent Catechism of the Catholic Church, and generally speaking we say we have no time to read all those documents, but we do have time to read all newspapers, magazines, watch TV, sports, etc., hence time is there and if we do not use it wisely and run into a Holy Practice or form of celebration in disobedience to Rome, we may be accounted for that, as well.

    That is the result of a guilty ignorance. The accountability before God for something we did have the time in life to read, learn or investigate, and for which we did not instruct ourselves despite of all information that was there available for us to take the correct action.

    So let’s daily pray with love for them and for us to wisely use our time. The time that is still left for us here on Earth, to help saving souls, but specially let’s pray that those souls and us open our hearts to God and the Truth, accepting it, and living it, despite of how uncomfortable it may be to become obedient to the Church, its teachings, and the Magisterium that follows and adheres to the Bishop in Rome.

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