Under the HRC Pot Fatwa

TORONTO – A sports bar owner said he risks breaking the law and could lose his licence if he signs an agreement to settle a complaint at the Ontario Human Rights Commission to allow a patron to smoke medical marijuana outside the front door of his Burlington, Ont. bar.

Ted Kindos, owner of Gator Ted’s Tap and Grill accuses the commission of over stepping its bounds and said he could face sanctions under provincial liquor laws prohibiting controlled substances from being consumed where alcohol is served if he agrees to allow Steve Gibson to light up.

“I have no intentions of signing it,” Kindos said. “I can’t take the chance of having my liquor licence taken away. That is my livelihood and I don’t feel this agreement puts me in a position where my licence is protected.”…(Source)

Another coup for the HRC Hustlers.  I’m sure they’re just stroking themselves in putting a business owner in such a Catch-22.

Breaking the Marijuana Fatwa or Breaking the real law.

It’s a tough choice because either way, this guy is screwed.

This situation is really getting unbearable.

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