Unbelievable Mass Abuses

Some of these abuses are so ridiculous, I can’t help but laugh. It hurts less than crying. I can’t imagine what these people were thinking.

By the way, notice the picture of the “shot glass” Mass.  This was actually going to happen at my mom’s parish in Montreal, but she notified the bishop, who put a stop to it.  It was for the Holy Thursday liturgy.  They were going to use those miniature plastic wine glasses and then throw them in the trash (no purification). These abuses are closer to us than we think.

One thought on “Unbelievable Mass Abuses

  1. Thanks for bringing the video to our attention. In fact these are the more extreme examples of liturgical abuse. There are “less serious” abuses going on at all our parishes every day which no one seems to complain about:

    -priests who refuse to say the silent parts of the Mass
    silently – but insist on saying everything out loud.
    -priests who give almost no time for adoration at the elevation of the Host.
    -priests who do not elevate the Host at the time of elevation.
    -parishes that reduce altars to mere flower pot shelves.
    -parishes that decorate sanctuaries with pumpkins, Christmas trees, etc.

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