Unam Sanctum Catholicism

This is a pretty comprehensive and impressive site.

You know how the skeptics like to pick out all of those alleged “contradictions” in the bible?  One of Unam’s articles deal with 194 of these so-called contradictions.  Check it out here.

Also, they have this really cool collection of the Schemas that were prepared for the Second Vatican Council by conservative Cardinals but which were ultimately rejected by the Church….because the text was not “open to the world”.  When you read some of the language in these Schemas, you will quickly see the stark contrast between them and what was eventually adopted.  The Schemas are counter-cultural and against the Spirit of the Age.

I am less and less impressed with the documents of the Second Vatican Council.  I see them more and more as prone to manipulation without a willingness from Rome to intervene.  No formal error is in them, but the confusion and easily manipulation of those texts have only caused us much grief.

It was the best hope a liberal theologian could possibly have and some of those texts represent as close as hell is going to get to overturning the teachings of the Church without actually doing it.  It was their best shot.  And it was largely successful in accomplishing its objectives.

I also think that the undue and misunderstood influence of phenomenology on those texts has been problematic.


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