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Dear Friend,

You may or may not have signed the UN Petition for the Unborn Child and the Family. I am being a pest and sending this to you again because if you haven’t helped this campaign, I am asking you to do so now. If you have helped this campaign by signing the petition, I am asking you to send an appeal to all your friends and family to help this campaign. If you have already done that, please do it again!

The only way these types of internet campaigns work is by millions of people working together and sending repeated calls for help!

We intend to deliver one million names to the UN in support of the unborn child. I run C-FAM. We have been doing UN pro-life work full time for 12 years. You can check us out at http://www.c-fam.org to see that we are legitimate. We are in a unique position to run this campaign and to deliver one million names to our friends at the UN and to the UN Secretary General.

Read the petition HERE in one of 18 languages and then sign it, if you have not already. And then, I implore you to send a notice about this campaign to all of your friends and family, to your whole address book! We have gathered 611,998 as of 1:32 pm November 15. We have gathered 126,404 new names in the last six weeks. We need to move faster than that!

Please go HERE. Read the petition, sign it if you have not already and send the petition with your note to all of your family and friends. Do it now. Do not wait!

Yours sincerely,

Austin Ruse



PS When we reach one million names we will present all the names at a UN press conference and to the Secretary General. 

3 thoughts on “UN Pro-Life Petition

  1. If we may kill children in the womb, we may do anything at all, and great numbers of men and women in our Darwinian Humanist institutionally atheist education establishments have educated our society to come to think it is normal and desirable that their weak and helpless should be killed. Babies asleep in the dim of their mothers womb are awakened by knife-edged cannulas that suck and tear their soft young limbs, while white hallowed grandmothers with wandering minds are herded by white smocked institutionally educated atheists into the cold and dark waters of death. Physicians are educated to think of suicide and abortion as though it were medicine. How is it even possible to educate people to think such thoughts? If you have not yet signed the pro-life petition to present to the U.N. to stop their abortion peddling please do.

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