One thought on “UN passes pro-family resolution, Gay Lobby angry that their usual ruses failed

  1. JMJ

    We can only wish that it were the pendulum swing-back, but the UN is infested, let´s say to 99.999999% with libs/lefties/humanists/secularists/feminists/homosexualists, to there has to be another explanation. I am sitting here waiting for the real explanation, which I cannot imagine.

    God help us.

    We have to keep telling the homosexulists and homosexuals that it is the STERILITY of homosexuality and homosexuals that produces the need to appear normal, to themselves mainly, but to other homosexuals–potential bed company, and to the world, and they attempt to imitate normal people in their intimacy but instead of producing life only produce and spread disease, depression, despair, and early death, very often by suicide because of the guilt and shame.

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