Ultimately there will be violence

The papal theologian drew attention to the violent youth protests and mass unemployment across Europe.  “They are generally demonstrating saying, ‘We have the right to receive’, because their parents received grants for their studies, they received cheaper housing, and so they have this sense of entitlement which is a consequence of socialism – somebody has to give.”

Fr. Giertych warned “ultimately there will be a violent conflict.”

He said: “And the states are finally saying, ‘We cannot give. There is a limit, you know. How far can we go?’ And of course the state may produce money and be more and more in debt, but ultimately there will be a violent conflict, and euthanasia is one aspect of this conflict, which is a direct consequence of the expulsion of the transmission of life and the living out of sexuality. Ultimately it boils down to contraception – it’s a consequence.”…(Source)

Socialism and contraception:  the great opium of the age.  But when it’s all said and done will people really admit this was the reason for the downfall of our culture, or will they still insist on bindly pinning it on the surface politics of our age?

One thought on “Ultimately there will be violence

  1. Good to hear from your voice again through your blog, John.
    God Bless you and your family and glad you are enjoying your time away from daily blogging doing what God says. Can;t deny you are sorely missed, though in blogging sphere,as the world gets more and more full of pride and it is reflected ultimately in the disdain for all that is Good, Beautiful Sacred, Holy and Obedient to God and His On True Church, not listening to Our Blessed Virgin, and Mother and Queen in Heaven alongside King Jesus , primarily when She asked for Russia to be consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart, when She appeared at Fatima.

    She told us what would be the consequence(s), of not obeying Her, and Her own Church ignored and continue to go against the wishes of Her which is ultimately God’s wishes and desires as well., and….look around.

    Yes ultimately Mary sorrows that violence could have been lessened if people cared more about God,- rather acknowledged The One True and Holy Authority and obedience to Him and His Word. We have “chosen”,as pro choice lingo, would say, our own ways over His Way, especially when it comes to purity of mind body and spirit. It is sins against purity in the sexual realm that God destroyed thew world for before and the fact we idolized ourselves, others and things before Him and it will be the same thing again that does this world in.

    We, who are supposed to represent Him and Our Lady to the world, often ruin our witness in how we dress. It is extremely harmful to Christian and especially Catholic witnessing to be
    immodest in our attire. Our Blessed Mother Mary has made it clear by Her very nature and by Her Witness about how purity so important, yet people who claim to love her are often dressed in provocative ways and act as if it fine. Truth is,It hurts Her and Jesus immensely, because He made us in HIs Image, and we are better than that and do not need to darken our souls in this way. This is only a small thing I know in light of contraception and abortion, living outside of true marriage, but if we are not faithful in small things we will hardly be faithful in big things to Our Blessed Jesus’ and Mary’s
    True pure hearts.
    How does the old song go “One thing leads to another…”(by the Fixx, I think, that dates me, but ey, at least I can remember, how I was lost then, and , rather after coming back and Home and resuming my journey , in 1997( after almost dying in a fire) the pure innocent one that began as a tiny child in the One True and Majestic Catholic Faith, now, also as the song also goes “I wish you could see me now”.
    There is always hope.

    The reason I mention the importance of prudence in modesty of our attire and how we witness, is emphasized, because it is summer, and I had to
    turn away from the tight fitting or beachwear fitted parishioners I witnessed last Saturday evening at Mass.

    MASS IS NOT a Beach party or any social club to show off one’svanity and land perverse, immodest love of one’s own body so as to have others be “attracted”, to look. Actually we do not really love the bodies belonging to Jesus or we would not defile them byu dresing down so as to make them pure objects for others to becoime lustful about. One is causing grave sin by doing this and is in grave sin as well, if they are hearing the still small voice of Jesus and Our Lady saying don’t dress like this when you come into My Presence and my Home.

    Lord Have Mercy and teach us to listen to Your and Our Blessed Mothers two Hearts about sexuality in all its essence,
    and most importantly, according to what You have to day about it and how e are to obey that and only that, not twisting it to try to fit it into or ways, which are not Your Way.

    Lord Have Mercy and make us whole

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