U.K. Mother Murders Daughter Because “Embarrassed” by Disability

CHESTER, Wales, September 12, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) – This week, a UK court heard the case of a mother who allegedly deliberately drowned her disabled child in a bath because she was ashamed and embarrassed by her daughter’s cerebral palsy…

 Abortion – The Sequel.

4 thoughts on “U.K. Mother Murders Daughter Because “Embarrassed” by Disability

  1. When morals are taught in Western classroom, teachers usually instruct their students, now that the ten commandments are outlawed in Canadian and Western Cultures schools, courts and society, that one’s ethics are relative and situational. They learn concepts like values clarification which teach that each student must make up his or her own mind about what is right and wrong. Kinsey Sex Education is also taught alongside this and other perversions such as their right to abortion, and that it is not taking an innocent human life. Dr. Bernard Nathanson found this to be a lie, because of ” fantastic Science and technology.” He produced SILENT SCREAM and ECLIPSE OF REASON to show how our education estbalishments are producing Physicians and Surgeons, Lawyers and Judges, and the rest of our culture to murder innocent unborn children without guilt. These unborn children are innocent human beiings. No wonder people murder their disabled children so easily, because they are taught love without meaning, murder without guilt.

    Students also learn that they are not to judge another person’s actions by assuming that ethics are absolute and therefore binding on the behavior of others.

    When a student makes up his or her own mind about what is right or wrong and brings a gun to school and kills someone or a citizen goes home and kills her / his disabled child. That student or citizen is doing just what he or she is taught.

    “It doesn’t take rocket science to figure this out! ”

    The Nazis passed over 400 Laws before their murder of innocence. At the Nuremberge trials they invoked the Law. They said,” We did not break any of our LAWS.” And they didn’t.

    Our Judges, the Judges of Western Civilization, with the” Living Tree Evolving Society” interpretation of Law have murdered many more innocent human beings and broken up more families through the legalization of many more perversions. They are not finished yet. These are some of the consequences of the writers of the Humanist Manifesto taking over our Education Establishments and thus Law Schools in the guise of separation of Church and State , because the Church was already separated from the State. They wanted to separate Western Civilization from Christianity and unto Darwinian Humanist Atheism, with this end of Democracy with the “Evolving Society Living Tree” interpretation of Law. And so they did, and with this interpretation of Law can and are doing anything they want. While most of our citizens go around in a drug induced type of stupor produced by this institutionalized relativism. Truth and facts don’t matter to many of them, and they will do anything to get what they want.

    The media, teachers, law officers, judges and the liberal-minded can’t make any sense out of it. That is what Darwinian Humanist Atheism through our education establishments has done to Canadian society and Western Civilization.

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