UK bishops assure Catholic MPs they won’t be denied Communion for backing same-sex ‘marriage’

“The statement was approved by the General Secretary of the Bishops’ Conference after appropriate consultation. ‘There are no plans by any Bishops in England and Wales to deny communion to Catholic MPs who voted in favour of same sex marriage legislation last year,’” the spokesman said.

Like I said earlier,  they provoke us bloggers to wrath.

2 thoughts on “UK bishops assure Catholic MPs they won’t be denied Communion for backing same-sex ‘marriage’

  1. JMJ

    Thanks, John, for this information. Even though the lib/lefty approach to Catholic teaching in the UK doesn´t affect us directly, it certainly confuses the lib/lefty Catholics in Canada and the US.

    We will win this battle, and the war, maybe on Judgment Day, but if that is our Holy God´s will, then we accept it.

  2. Statistics Canada has no stats on the Homosexual Population Of Canada, this is an outrage, as our county has legalized this behavior as a so-called legalized human right,and now has been normalizing homosexuality,Kinsey Sex Education,Abortion etc., as a legalized human right starting with Kindergarteners.

    What does God’s will have to do with how Western Democratic citizens vote, and the Political Policies they elect to rule over them,thus perverting themselves,and normalizing morbidity to schoolchildren, as a so-called legalized human rights? Jesus gave us free will to choose him or Secular Morality. Who’s to blame when the Democratic Western voting majority chooses the worldview, and religion of Secularism over Him?

    I found the July 6, 2012 , the forum poll,commissioned by National Post online, and it states, 5% of Canadians identify themselves as,lesbian, gay meaning homosexual, bisexual, or transgendered.

    I found No Statistics regarding ,The Homosexual Population Of Canada at The Statistics Canada Site. Canadian Democratic Governments are legalizing, then normalizing morbidity etc., as a legal human right and social justice to everyone starting with Kindergarteners. This has nothing to do with God’s will, but everything to do with the volition or freewill God gave to voting Democratic citizens.

    I wonder what the people and Church Of Sodom and Gomorrah were like ?

    When democratic rotters go to Director Political Party elections in large numbers, and then replace Tradition Family Values Directors, and then nominate the apathetic as Candidates, and dismiss Traditional Family Values Candidates, who then is to blame for this? It certainly isn’t God who gave us volition to choose is it? He did not make puppets, but human beings with wills of their own. The Family Values MP’s call friends, Priests etc., to come to the Political Party Directors elections , because if the other side wins they will pick ignorant Candidates who will then pass morbid Bills into Canadian Law. There was only one Priest at the Directors meeting and a few Church at The Centennial Park Political Party Directors meeting, and tons of Secular Pagans who wanted unhealthy Bills passed into Canadian law. Elected politicians pass Bills into Canadian Law. This is not Rocket Science! The rotten Catholics, Protestants, pew potato’s etc, say a few prayers and vote for the liberal, N D P etc. Here I am only speaking of the apathetic and indifferent majority. Many who call themselves Christians are former Liberals, N D P etc, and their political views have not changed.

    There has been a Political Culture War raging for the minds, souls, and bodies of Canadian youth for decades, and many of these God Dammed pew potato’s and clergy do nothing, and remain Politically A W O L where Bills are Passed into Canadian Law . Let us pray that soon they will get out of their mental fog. Canada has gone the way of Pagan Rome. The spilled blood of The Royal Priesthood converted Pagan Rome. Lets pray for everyone and do what we can in His name. Blessings

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