UK Anglican Bishop Fined £47,345 and Sent for “Re-Education” in Gay Employment Case

LONDON, February 11, 2008 ( – The Anglican bishop of Hereford has been ordered by a court to undergo “equal opportunities training” and pay a fine of £47,345.00, the equivalent of $92,106.00 Cn., for refusing to hire an active homosexual for a position of trust with young people. The ruling also stated that Hereford diocese staff “involved in recruitment should receive equal opportunities training”….(LifeSiteNews)

I wonder how long until the HRCs start to levy fines against the bishops here and order them to undergo gay sensitivity training.  I give it 5 years tops.  Maybe we can convert Ezra and make him a bishop.  At least we can get some entertainment out of it before they drop the gay financial jackboot on  us.

Let me remind everyone about the rapidity at which we are quickly sinking into enslavement and anarchy:

We were fighting for marriage 2.5 years ago.

Today, we are fighting for something so basic as freedom of speech. 

How long do you think before we will have any rights left? 

In fact, just how long do you think it will be before we’ll be fighting for our very lives — presuming of course that we believe in something enough to die for it.

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