U.S. bishops’ relief agency gives $5.3 million to major contraception-providing charity

….When asked if, given the evidence on CARE, CRS would end its partnership with the organization, CRS Communications Director John Rivera said “no.” He indicated that concerns had already been raised and dismissed.  Rivera told LifeSiteNews that CRS doesn’t so much give the money to the organization as act as a “pass-through” for federal funding to such groups, and that the money is given only to projects in line with Catholic teaching. However, when asked if CRS would similarly issue ‘pass-through’ funding to Planned Parenthood for a morally neutral project, Rivera replied in the negative.  “We would never partner with Planned Parenthood,” he said.He explained the difference saying, it’s about “the preponderance of work they do.”  Rivera noted that CRS acts on criteria developed by the U.S. bishops. “We’ve given this a lot of consideration, and there’s a threshold in terms of what the focus of an agency is, and the preponderance of their work.” Marshner, the founding professor of theology at Christendom College, took issue with this rationale:

“Well this is like saying that we will fund an organization that does 50 or fewer assassinations a year, but not one that will commit 50 or more assassinations a year. The idea of such a threshold is preposterous. The only defense would be if a group to whom they had given money incidentally, or rarely, or accidentally, or inadvertently did something immoral with it. But, if the group to whom the money is given has a regular practice of using some of their funds in this way, then it is immoral for a Church organization to give money to that outfit.” (Source)

So, let’s ask the question again:  Would CRS be supporting any racist group which did exactly what CARE is doing?  The answer is no – which once again shows the disingenuous of Rivera’s response.  It’s just more sophistry.

Look folks, there’s no point in trying to argue with those who hold these positions of power in the social justice cabal anymore. They don’t want to acknowledge just how vacuous and lame their positions are — even when we try to boil it down with exhibits which show the poverty of their reasoning.

We need to call them out for who they and work to replace them.  We need to use every possible moral means to do it.  We can do it politely and with a gentle smile on our faces, but we need to do it. 

Kicking ass and taking names is an urban expression that is sure applicable here.

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