2 thoughts on “U.S. Abortion Rate Rose in 2008 After a Long Decline

  1. Why is this? Who is to blame? Why was Ruth Lobo handcuffed, manhandled , put in a paddy wagon and hauled off to jail.? What kind of society elects politicians who make and pass mischievous laws? What people teach love without meaning (Kinsey Sex Education) and murder without guilt (Abortion) by Court Order and Police Enforcement? Isn’t this only the beginning of Secular Pagan Democratic Tyranny? When Jesus is taken out of a democracy it decays. Sharia Law also destroys a democracy and brings in Tyranny.

  2. In 1997 Barack Obama voted in the Illinois Senate against SB 230 a Bill designed to prevent Partial Birth Abortion. He voted to allow Partial Birth Abortion. Abortion is the legal murder of a baby in the warmth of her mothers womb. These children deserve our protection instead of Capital Punishment. Barack Obama is the President of The United States and in 2008 The highest honor in Canada, The Order Of Canada was presented to Abortionist Henry Morgentaler. In a democracy if the citizens want to stop evil from prospering they can as we did in 2008 by making Parliament raise the age of sex consent, and plugged the loop hole in bad law and legislation that allowed the legal sexual exploitation of Canadian Children by Sex Traffickers and Pedophiles. In 2008 Professor’s Tom Landers, Walter Szetela and friends showed us how this is done. We have no excuse for the evil that is being Legislated by The Supreme Court and Parliament. In a democracy the citizens are accountable and responsible for the laws of the land. Contact your Canadian Senators not to pass Bill C-389 because of the terms it adds to The Canadian Human Rights Act, Gender Identity and Gender Expression, that allow men to gain legal access to woman’s bathrooms, thereby providing the access that sexual predators desire. This puts Canadian Women and Children at great risk.

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