U. of Zero President Admits to Authorizing the Chill Letter

In an article over the weekend, University of Ottawa President, Allan Rock, has admitted that he authorized the University’s provost, Frank A. Houle, to send the infamous chill letter to Ann Coulter:

Rock says he was approached by the students’ association with a request to stop the Coulter speech. He refused. “We could not and would not do anything to stop it. She had the right to speak.” Rock says he didn’t know much about Coulter but, “when I found out she was coming I went to her website to learn more and was taken aback by what I saw and learned. In fact, I found myself using intemperate language when I was talking about her to colleagues.” The vice-president of academic affairs, Francois Houle, was roasted by the media for writing a letter advising Coulter of Canada’s hate-speech laws and advising her to watch her step. “It was sent on behalf of the administration with my knowledge, so I share responsibility,” Rock said. “I acknowledge that there were other and better ways of achieving the letter’s purpose.” Of the letter, Rock says: “It could be seen as having a chilling effect and they say there is some selectivity if you send it to some speakers and not others. I accept those criticisms.”

So, let me get this straight.  Just so I understand this correctly. Allan Rock didn’t know “much about Coulter”, but he authorized the “speech chill letter” to be sent on his administration’s behalf and with his full knowledge?  

Is it normal for a University President in Canada to attempt to censor a speaker without knowing much about the speaker?  It’s outrageous enough for the letter to be sent in the first place, but we are now learning that Rock thought there was a “better way” of achieving the “letter’s purpose”.  And what purpose was that, if not to censor her?  What other methods exactly could one use to “warn” Ms. Coulter?  I guess being an award-winning author of seven New York Times bestsellers makes one open to Canada’s hate speech laws.

That’s just lovely.

Is President Zero really in charge of the University of Ottawa or do the Islamist, left-wing, machete-wielding lunatics have him so worried that he must seek to quell political commentary because he can’t control his “students”?

Readers will remember that Allan Rock was the minister responsible for the gun control boondoggle under Chretien’s regime.  He’s obviously got “control issues”.  Perhaps, instead of controlling speech, he should turn his attention and experience to controlling the machete-wielding thugs who are enrolled in the Ottawa university scene these days.   If he wants to ban speech, he can start with his own University’s so-called “Anti-Israeli Apartheid” week. Maybe that will cut down on the number of machete attacks by violent Leftists. 

The violence of the Left in Canada and their attack on basic civil liberties is becoming a common and very disturbing reality.  And it had better stop soon.  Or else, human nature, being what it is…


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