U of Calgary appeals court ruling, doesn’t want Charter to apply to campus

Last month, an Alberta court ruled that the University of Calgary violated the freedom of speech of two students who were punished by the University for criticizing a professor on Facebook.  Sounds ridiculous that we have to go to court to defend our Facebook status, but that’s the Canada we live in.

But guess what?  The University announced yesterday that it will appeal the ruling! Get a load of this:

On Friday, the University of Calgary said it seeks clarity on the extent to which Charter of Rights and Freedoms applies to its own operations and those of other Canadian post-secondary institutions.

A release from the university said, “The reason for filing the notice of appeal goes well beyond the specific individuals involved.” (Source)

Can you believe the nerve?  They want to know if the Charter applies to universities.  Just who do they think they are?  A foreign embassy?

You’re darn right the ruling “goes well beyond the specific individuals involved”.  It’s gonna have serious repercussions for all students that have been thumped by university thugs, not the least of which are pro-life students at Carleton and elsewhere.

The Alberta ruling is a major victory for free speech.  Let’s hope the appeals court doesn’t screw this up.

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