U of C violates mission by charging pro-lifers

The University of Calgary has taken its war on free speech to a new front, charging its own students with “non-academic misconduct” for having erected a pro-life display on campus on April 8.

Last year the U of C charged its own students with trespassing for having set up their pro-life display on campus. But the Crown Prosecutor’s Office stayed the charges rather than go ahead with the trial. Nobody knows what the trial’s outcome might have been, but the notion that tuition-paying students become “trespassers” on their own campus when exercising their free speech rights is both shocking and absurd.

The public deserves an answer to this question, because Alberta taxpayers provide the majority of the U of C’s funding each year. Moreover, the university receives public funding by promising to pursue the public’s interest in seeking truth and fostering debate without censoring what some consider to be politically incorrect views. When the U of C breaks this promise, it perpetrates an expensive fraud on Alberta taxpayers.

If the U of C were truly a private institution, it should be allowed to censor whichever views it chooses to censor, leaving its credibility as an institution of higher learning to the judgment of the public. But until the U of C turns down hundreds of millions of dollars in annual funding from taxpayers, it must pursue its own noble objectives — and the public interest — and allow peaceful expression of all views on campus, without discrimination.

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When Universities become the source of tyranny and thuggery, it says quite a bit about the health of a society.

There is a strong personal dimension here. These decisions are rarely, if ever, made without reference to strong personal experiences.  Someone or many in the Administration have had abortions.  Facing the hard truth is something they would prefer to avoid.  

So bring in the censorship.  And they have no shame in doing it either.

Free speech for thee but not for me.

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