One thought on “U.N. Pushes Euthanasia

  1. The Nazi Supreme Court passed over 400 laws legalizing their holocaust. The West had a Christian Worldview in Government, Law and Education then and thus did not buy into their non-sense at The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials, after the Second World War. Technically the Nazi’s did not break their law. The Muslim Countries don’t break Sharia Law technically in the same way. The Koran teaches to kill infidels wherever you find them, and that’s exactly what many do. The slogan what is legal is moral has allowed societies to do all kinds of atrocities today in the Politically Correct West, and throughout history. When The Ten Commandments are exchanged for Politically Correct Relativism that teaches all worldviews are equally true and beneficial in Government, Law and Education all sorts evil is legalized. The Christian Character of Western Civilization has almost disappeared, leaving the non-sense of Politically Correct Relativism in it’s place. In a democracy the citizens are responsible for the laws of the land. The ones masquerading as Christians are the most to blame. Who wants to believe fraudsters like these? Yet real Christians like Professor Tom Landers and friends organized concerned citizens across our Land and agnostics worked together to change Rotten Supreme Court of Canada and Parliamentary Law of 2005 in 2008, that had allowed perverse adults to legally sexually exploit Canadian children. They worked with Social Conservative politicians to pass a Bill in Parliament to raise the age of sex consent in Canada. These laws can be reversed by majority governments with evil policies. In a democracy the laws of the land are in voting citizens hands at the ballot box.

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