U-Cal Student Union Jackboot On The March

An anti-abortion group has had its status as a University of Calgary club revoked by the students’ union.

After a hearing that lasted less than 10 minutes Tuesday, the U of C’s clubs committee decided to de-sanction the Campus Pro-Life club because its Genocide Awareness Project violated policy in November…

Outside the hearing, students’ union president Dalmy Baez said a letter sent to the club by the U ofC administrationrequiring it to turn displays of images of aborted fetuses inward constituted a policy. The display juxtaposed the photos with images of murdered victims of the Holocaust and Rwandan genocide.

Baez admitted the enforcement appears to be narrowly applied.

“We have not seen that policy implemented for any other group,” said Baez….


 Of course not.  Other groups don’t prick the consciences of the Jackboots who have had abortions, pressured their girlfriends to have them, or are brainwashed into ensuring that only their position is accepted on University campuses.


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