Two fetuses make appearance at Ohio abortion bill debate


The lobbying effort to end abortion in the United States moved into strange new territory Wednesday as two fetuses were presented via ultrasound to a packed committee room of the Ohio state legislature.

Two women were laid out six metres away from state legislators while a technician used a probe to show images of each woman’s fetus on a portable screen.

A heart monitor was used to project the sound of the beating heart of each fetus, nine and 15 weeks respectively.

“I think it kind of hits you in the forehead about what is going on in the woman’s womb,” Republican Lynn Wachtmann, who introduced the Heartbeat Bill last month, told The Columbus Dispatch. (Source)

Not surprisingly, the pro-choice lobbyists at NARAL tried to turn the discussion away from reality and facts:

“This is not the kind of information that women need to decide whether they are going to get an abortion,” she said.

Clearly, they have no solid arguments and have to resort to leaving women in the dark and uninformed. So much for feminism.

One thought on “Two fetuses make appearance at Ohio abortion bill debate

  1. Clearly, Politically Correct Relativism, that teaches Western Societies by decree that all worldviews are equally true and beneficial has turned most in Western Civilization into idiots. How else does one justify presenting Abortionist Dr. Henry Morgentaler ,”The Order Of Canada”, as a Canadian Hero of great distinction?

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