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I’m officially TV free now.  I cut Rogers Cable effective March 23.  $45  a month is way too steep a price to pay for one or two channels that my family occasionally watches.

Most of the stuff that we watch is now internet streamed or on YouTube.

Network and even specialty channel TV has bitten the dust at our home.


p.s. You want to know how you can engage in the New Evangelization?  Cut your Cable and other frivolities and sponsor a kid in the Global South or sponsor a Pro-Life Activist.  Best money that you’ll ever spend.

10 thoughts on “TV Free

  1. If it were my decision, TV would be gone here too. The biggest time aster and brain number on the face o the earth. But my wife will NOT give it up.

    Congratulations! I truly envy you for being able to turn off that i=oepn sewer into your living room.

  2. I’ve wanted to do it for years, but we kept hanging on because of the Food Network and EWTN and occasionally Fox or SunTV. Now we watch EWTN on the internet. And get good classic English movies off of Youtube, or we buy saint movies or watch them from our Parish library. We might sign up for Netflix for $8, but we’re gonna try and ween ourselves off this crap.

    • I don’t watch any of it. I use Shortwave and AM radio for EWTN, and what in do watch on SUN, I get on the Net.

      It wasn’t until 2000 or so that my wife finally made me get cable . Before that we just used a rooftop antenna. What more did we need?

      I think 24/7 specialty channels are one of the worst things ever to happen to the culture. It means that instead of being forced to limit your viewing to the time of day the kinds of shows you like were on, nyou can watch whatever rubbish you want at any time of the day or night.
      Don’t like Soaps? No TV in the afternoon for you… and so on.
      The Dutch had the right idea. Untiol the advent of Satellite TV, their stations signed on at 3:00 PM and signed off at 9:00 Pm. A very good way of limiting the amount of junk on the air.
      What I see is an onvetion taht had some great potential, but has been harnessed by the wrong people and used for propaganda purposes by government and private enterprise. To promote government agendas and to promote consumerism.

      • You do have a choice Neal. That’s the thing with choice. it’s yours. Your wife “made” you get TV. This is so funny on so many levels. Think about that.

        Full disclosure: I got rid of the TV in the last century. A blessing! It’s mind candy for the intellectually challenged.

  3. Great idea. I moved to for phone service. It costs about $5-7/mo for everything. I have moved a couple of rectories over too.
    Obi100 is the best ATA

  4. I’m also TV-less and couldn’t be happier. The final straw was seeing sado-masochism broadcast on the local cable channel (Showcase). I kept the set only to watch religious videos & classic movies. Also the time wasted watching TV is now filled with reading and other fulfilling hobbies. We wouldn’t allow a garbage truck to dump its filth into our living rooms, so why should we put up with spiritual & moral filth being filtered into our minds and souls by this tool of Satan?

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