Turned the Big 40 Yesterday

My girls treated me like a King last night.  When people ask my wife and I if we want a boy, I tell them “Not really”.  I think to myself, “If you saw how my girls treated me and what kind of little women they have turned out to be, why would I want to stop a good thing from continuing?”  Besides someone has to be responsible for the next generation of pro-life, Catholic feminists.

p.s I got a copy of Ezra’s Shakedown too!

4 thoughts on “Turned the Big 40 Yesterday

  1. Joyeux 40e anniversaire John !
    – Your rebellious style when you denounce the doctrine’s error, makes you look like 30 yo;
    – But your dynamism for the Noble Catholic Cause makes you look like a 100 yo!
    All the best in years ahead! Keep up the good work.
    Richard, Montreal QC

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