Turn back, Archbishop Weisgerber…

Copy of email to Archbishop Weisgerber:

Your Grace,

The response to the D&P scandal is not surprising as I expected this from your end. The attempt by D&P and yourself to tarnish the reputation of LSN is only slightly more surprising.

LSN is even-handed in it’s reporting, but uncompromising in its fidelity to the Church’s teaching. The attempt to discredit them is not a worthy one. Your recent call for magisterial obedience in this matter does not go over well when it is obvious there is a serious problem with D&P; likewise, accusations of unity being damaged is pointless when unity of faith is absent in this organization.

I have encouraged Archbishop Collins of Toronto to withhold funding to D&P. I have severed my personal and financial relationship with D&P. When, and if, D&P is reformed according to Catholic principles I will gratefully welcome this and reconsider my decision.


Pastor of Catholic parish
Toronto, Ontario



It’s getting hot in here. Ooowh.  Mercy.

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