Early this morning, I spent a couple of hours at Ground Zero. I did the early graveyard shift from midnight to 2AM.  Another vigiler, a PH.D Engineering student, did the later graveyard shift from 2AM to 5AM.

Today is St. Maurice’s Parish day.  I see all the slots are filled up for today. I’m happy about that, but as I look back on the Calendar, I see that we are starting to drift a bit with many open spots, especially in the early morning hours.   I recall Our Lord’s words, “And He came and found them sleeping, and said to Peter, “Simon, are you asleep? Could you not keep watch for one hour?” (Matt 26:40)

As I stood there praying the rosary and meditating on the Joyful mysteries, a word came to me.  


Tunnel? What does that mean, I wondered?  It was very bizarre, and yet it captured the essence of what this battle was all about.  When you dig a tunnel, you usually have to burrow quite a distance. It’s hard, weary work.  It’s dirty.  There isn’t much talking. Many times, you are alone.  There isn’t much glory or laughter.  Hands get dirty and dirt gets under your fingernails.  It’s uncomfortable. It can be discouraging too.  It’s a long way…so very long. And it’s so dark. No light, just flickers here and there. And there’s so much to dig through.  These past 40 years, there has been little digging.  And so we’ve got this huge mound to get through in order to get to the promised land.  But it’s happening, albeit slowly.  The more people who witness means more hands on the shovel. The more hands to dig, the quicker we get through the mound.  The quicker we get through the mound, the quicker we get through the mound to the destination.

We need more hands to dig so that we can behold the light at the end of the tunnel. 

John Pacheco


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