Trustee election: vote for O’Neil Brooke in Zone 10

I just had a chat with O’Neil Brooke, who is running against the incumbent Trustee Thérèse Maloney Cousineau.

Mr. Brooke emphasized the importance of listening to what the parents want for their kids. He doesn’t want to be making decisions that go against the will of the parents.

He also showed some vigilance to keeping the schools Catholic and not inviting speakers who oppose Church teaching.

Moreover, he aligns with the Ontario bishops’ vision, articulated in Respecting Differences, whereby we certainly want to avoid any unjust discrimination against homosexual kids, but not promote that lifestyle.

This is a refreshing difference from Thérèse Maloney Cousineau, who spoke in the Toronto Sun to endorse GSAs. She also would systematically stonewall me whenever I contacted her. Never got a message back.

Hence, I recommend that we vote for O’Neil Brooke in Zone 10.

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    • Do you object to people speaking the truth Jon? Or is it simply a matter that you have not had a chance to review the evidence that proves the story we were given is a lie?

      Let us be kind and assume that you have never had the opportunity to see the evidence. There are lots of sites on the internet and I can understand your suspicion as many of them are of dubious quality. The Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth are a reputable site. The men and women that are a part of this organization are responsible for erecting and maintaining many buildings and when they question the official story they are placing their professional credentials on the line so you can be sure that the information that they are presenting is going to be of high caliber. You can review their information here.

      I do not know who is responsible Jon, but I do know we have been lied to and we need to re-evaluate those events because the consequences of those events reverberate to this day.

      Now 911 has nothing to do with the trustee role; but proposed changes to the sex education curriculum does and there was a choice to be made. Do you want Mme. Maloney Cousineau or do you want someone that has proven they will speak even when it is unpopular.

      See Jon changes to the sex ed. curriculum can be disturbing and it’s going to be easier to face these changes if you have representatives that do not blush. Unless of course you like the idea of teaching grade six students how to properly insert female condoms into the anus and that they should use lubricant to maximize their enjoyment. Have a look at what is being taught in Chicago.

      I do not blush Jon and when I say that an elected representative’s job is to reflect the values and beliefs of his or her constituency; that is exactly what I mean because I know that the essence of our political system is based on consent. When it comes to the changes in the sex ed. curriculum this means two things. #1 making sure my constituents get the proposed changes in time to review them before they are put into place and #2 projecting their voice and their opinions on the curriculum. Jon, I do not care if it’s unpopular and I do not care if it upsets people. Governance is based on consent and I care whether my constituents concerns have been addressed, or not.

      The die has been cast and the choices have been made. Good luck.

  1. Shoot. I didn’t know! I would have voted for him! Didn’t see any signs or even know Maloney-Cousineau had competition. I phoned Campaign Life but they didn’t have any info on him.

  2. The BC Parents and Teachers For Life has a question sheet for candidates. Real Catholic and PRO-Family Candidates sign it with pleasure,but many others who call themselves Catholic or Protestant etc.,avoid it and continue to be double minded. We have too few righteous citizens running for office in our democracy,because of so-called Christian and pro-family citizens political apathy,indifference and complacency!

    Political righteous organization accompanied with prayer by pro-family citizens,who also select and help righteous people get elected is essential in our former Christian,but now Secular Pagan democracy, where my contemporaries started every school morning with The Lord’s Prayer led by their school teachers until about 1962,because our Parents, Grandparents,Priests and leaders were politically vigilant.Too few politically continued this righteous action,when their good Parents,Grandparents,Priests and Leaders time came to go to New Jerusalem.Look at what is normalized by adult school teachers,popular media moguls and elected politicians etc., to innocent,impressionable schoolchildren in our so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan Democratic Canada today, from Kindergarten through University.

    To POLITICALLY allow this in our democracy is diabolical.The Catholics in Pagan Rome did not roll over and play dead in a perverted so-called “neutral” Pagan Culture.Political action is needed by citizens of Canada, and The West to stop the normalization,conditioning and reinforcement of innocent children in the morbid tenets of so-called “neutral” Secular Paganism by adult school teachers and homosexual activists etc.,as Secular Pagan human rights.

    This kind of Pagan Culture also ran rampant in Pagan Rome,before it converted to Christianity about the year 307.In a Democracy the Laws of the land reflect the societies values!Today where can The Kinsey Sex Education Traumatized schoolchildren go for help? What will children indoctrinated in the tenets of secular paganism grow up to endorse in their professions,as so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan human rights? Politics is overwhelmingly important to be involved in if one wants to righteously contribute to society.Jesus said let the children come to me,not be perverted in schools as secular pagan human rights!

  3. The Indoctrination Of Canadian School Children by Adult School Teachers and Homosexual Etc.,Activists in the so-called”neutral”tenets Of Secular Pagan Sex Education is happening Today,across Secular Canada and Western Civilization, as so-called human rights.Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity from Multicultural Paganism about the year 307.Canada and Western Democratic Civilization got politically and legally talked into accepting so-called”neutral” Secular Paganism as the new state sanctioned worldview/religion,In Government, Law,and Education starting in 1962.Since then Secular so-called “neutral”Paganism has normalized and legalized all sorts of morbid behaviors,as so called human rights,starting with our Kindergarteners!What sort of a Democratic society condones this? My contemporaries started every school morning in Canada,and Western Civilization with the Lord’s Prayer,led by their school teachers!


    1. In the mid 90’s two homosexual activists, Murray Cook and Peter Warren charged the Ministry of Education that there was not a favourable portrayal of homosexuals in the education system of B.C.

    2. Their negotiations with the Ministry of Education were not satisfactory to these two men so they took the case to the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal.

    3. The process took several years to reach a point where nothing was resolved. These two men were going to take the case to The Supreme Court of Canada.

    4. The B.C. Ministry of Education and the Attorney-General’s Ministry decided to compromise, by entering into a secret, binding, legal contract with these two men dated April 28/06.

    5. Meanwhile, these two men got married to each other and adopted a new surname for themselves as a married couple. Their new surname name became “Corren” .

    6. The Corren Settlement Agreement grants special privileges to these two men to review and recommend changes to the B.C. school curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 12. This will be incorporated into Grade 12 starting September 2007.

    7. The express purpose of these privileges is to produce a curriculum that will present a favourable portrayal of homosexuality in all subjects in all Grades from Kindergarten to 12.

    8. These special privileges are not granted to anyone else or any other group of persons who might be interested in having input into the curriculum.

    9. Parent’s rights have been all but ignored in this agreement. “We are left with a curriculum being re-written by two men who will never have children of their own”, inculcating the children of parents who have given birth to their own children. Special groups were invited to participate in the review process, “but these groups were entirely chosen by the Corren’s and sympathetic to their position.” However, parents can suggest positive principles and make comments on government drafts on specific courses.

    10. Leonard Remple, Executive Director (BC) of the Christian Coalition of Canada has taken on the leadership of working to BRING BALANCE to this agreement.

    11. The following organizations have associated themselves with Leonard Remple for supplying wisdom and encouragement in the pursuit of bringing about the needed balance: R.E.A.L Women of BC., BC Parents & Teachers for Life Association, Focus on the Family, Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Christian & Missionary Alliance Church of Canada, ECP (Equipping Christians for the Public Square, Catholic Civil Rights League and the Roman Catholic Church (Vancouver Diocese).

    12. We have engaged a law firm of Christian lawyers, Kuhn & Co. Mr. Kevin Boonstra from Kuhn & Co. is our lawyer.

    13. We have been advised that the best approach is to leave the Settlement Agreement unchallenged. Instead, we are pursuing a course of getting parents represented on this review committee.

    14. We have been engaged in this challenge since June 2006.

    15. Unfortunately, very, very few parents are aware of this insidious contract. That is because “the popular media” has said very little about it, and whatever the media has said, is usually “favourable” to the Settlement Agreement.

    16. “Churches” mostly, have not been willing to thoroughly explain the agreement and the ramifications of the agreement. We believe this is due to them not knowing how seriously this affects traditional family values. Therefore, getting this information into the hands of parents has proven very difficult. However, when a few church leaders have HEARD AND UNDERSTOOD, then they become partakers in the battle.

    17. Parents are unconcerned because they have not heard of the agreement. It is estimated that only about 2% of Christian parents have heard about it. How can parents be concerned about it if they have not been made aware of it?

    18. Even those who do know about this agreement are largely apathetic towards it until they understand it. THEN THEY ARE ALARMED.

    19. We have studied what has followed (in the USA) in the wake of this kind of teaching. It is disturbing. If such teaching takes place in our BC schools and is practiced by students, won’t this experimentation likely lead to HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases?

    20. At this time this curriculum change will only affect public schools. Can we honestly believe that private schools, traditional schools, independent schools and home schooling will not be compelled to also teach this in their curriculum? People should read the interviews given by the Corren’s to the media. They are making statements that frankly are quite alarming.

    21. Isn’t our most precious possession and greatest responsibility our children? If so, are we doing all we can to protect them? Or isn’t there more that we can do?

    22. This is a battle for BC’s children and only WE can protect them.

    23. One of the things that we have done is a meeting on June 5/07 in Abbotsford with about 200 in attendance. This is just a start, now we need to find the warriors who are passionate about this matter.

    24. The most urgent need right now is to make sure every parent and grandparent in BC is aware of this agreement and it’s ramifications. The public needs to tell everyone they know, about this agreement and the public needs to read the government’s websites.

    25. “Be aware, the government websites present this agreement and paint it as being virtually harmless, all in the interests of tolerance.” The government states that none of the Corren’s recommendations can be implemented without the approval of the Ministry of Education. Are there “any” leaders with strong spiritual and moral convictions in the Ministry of Education? If so, will they be strong enough to oppose granting approval to the curriculum changes? Will there be anyone in the Ministry of Education that will stand in the gap to prevent the inculcating of the children of BC to accept homosexuality as an equal lifestyle? If we believe in prayer, let us pray that government leaders will take seriously their responsibility to have the final say, and provide an education that upholds the spiritual and moral beliefs of many parents.

    26. On March 5/07 our lawyer and myself had a meeting with Shirley Bond, Minister of Education and Wally Oppal, Attorney-General of BC. The meeting was cordial and their answers were encouraging “until” our lawyer asked for a letter from them confirming everything they had verbalized. They promised to put in writing, the verbal answers they had given us and the reply would be forthcoming “without delay”. As of this writing (June 9/07) a reply has not been received.

    27. “If” you pray, please pray about your concerns regarding the Corren Settlement Agreement. When you know of others who have the same concerns, we suggest you pray together about them.

    28. Please pass on this information to other parents and grandparents within your circle of acquaintance. We also recommend that parents and grandparents communicate with the Minister of Education.

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