2 thoughts on “True Marriage

  1. Beautiful and Blessed!!!

    Thank you for this sweet, glorious testament
    of real marriage in Jesus.
    It s all about Him.
    The Sacred Romance before all others.
    We are first and foremost married to Jesus. We are His Brides, then and only then with Him always First and Foremost ,at the top, center and alongside us, and even more so through the Intercession of Our Blessed Mother Mary can marriage with our earthly spouses ever be complete and as enriching as He would have it.

    Dear God Please watch over us, your children in marriage that we may please you and give us Your , Patience,Wisdom, Courage,Love and Perseverance, to be what You would have us Be
    in You.and to love our spouses as You so love us, through all the suffering and pain that is all part of the Cross.
    We thank You and Love and Adore You, Always and Forever and Ever and Ever…

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