4 thoughts on “True justice for the ‘social justice’ frauds

  1. John wrote:

    “Maybe D&P is next on the chopping block.”

    Not likely, I just received this request from my Archdiocese.


    Archbishop Miller’s prolife views are well known but they are contradicted by his example. Like they say, “Talk is cheap – action speaks louder than words.” I would have confidence in Archbishop Miller if he would at least make public any restrictions against D&P as did Archbishop Collins. To date, I don’t know of any limitations on D&P made by the Vancouver diocese because all my questions and concerns go unanswered instead I get emails like the one above. I no longer ask, it’s pointless.

  2. Yes I agree, not likely – especially when Development and Peace is doing important work.

    What you try to do is tear down valuable institutions that are actively doing God’s work.

    Time to let this go dear.

  3. Paul,

    Thankfully, this whole saga is likely going to end in the Fall.

    There will be no admissions of wrong-doing, of course. But the funding protocol to your current partners is going to change rather dramatically — a complete coincidence, of course and part of D&P’s “renewal”.

    Moreover, we’ll be on top of D&P like a wet blanket once we know who your new partners are.

    Keep the money away from the abortion-pushers and you’ll have less of a strenuous opposition from us. Keep funding the abortion-pushers, and we’ll continue to shine the light — on the next level too.

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