Trudeau Sr. and Trudeau Jr. on abortion and the Charter

Justin Trudeau contradicts his Father on Abortion:

In a letter dated Dec.  21, 1981 to G. Emmett Cardinal Carter, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Toronto, Trudeau said that the government of Canada would never allow the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to dictate abortion policy. The cardinal had been lobbying for a right-to-life amendment to the Charter. Here are the salient parts of that Trudeau letter:

“… Since the November 2, 1981 Conference of First Ministers, Parliament’s authority has been strengthened by the addition of the notwithstanding clause to the Charter.
Should a court decide at some future date that sections 7 or 15 do establish a right to abortion on demand, Parliament will continue to legislate on the matter by overriding the court’s decision and the specific Charter right as interpreted by the court.


2 thoughts on “Trudeau Sr. and Trudeau Jr. on abortion and the Charter

  1. According to Statistics Canada 491 babies born alive from failed abortions were left to die. Legalized Abortion has set Parliamentary, and Supreme Court Of Canada precedents for even more legalized killing. The Canadian Human Rights Act then makes this legalized murder etc.,a human right to also be normalized by adults, to impressionable schoolchildren,from Kindergarten through University. What kind of Democratic Governments,Supreme Courts, Education Establishments and public teach then normalize the love without meaning of Kinsey Sex Education,and the murder without guilt of Abortion? The political apathy and indifference of our voting public allow these crimes against humanity.Schoolchildren and Teachers began every morning with The Lord’s Prayer here not that long ago. We went through two world wars as a Christian Country in Government, Law and Education.

    After The Second World War, The Nuremberg Military Tribunal indicted ten Nazi leaders for the crimes against humanity of encouraging and compelling abortions, for this very reason. The legalized murder of children in their mothers wombs sets precedents for more legalized murder. The Nazi Government and Supreme Court Justices, like The Western Religiously Secular Governments etc., also pass Bills into law legalizing the killing of people they consider non-persons. Secularism claims to be neutral, but when it spreads it’s morality by Government and Court decree it proves to be Tyranny.

    What kind of Democratic Society politically allows this, my fellow Canadians? You are committing the same crimes against humanity that you indicted 10 Nazi leaders for doing at Nuremberg. Please help to put an end to this vicious morbid indoctrination of our youth, and holocaust. How many more innocent children are going to be left to die after failed abortions in Canada, and The Secular West? Imposed Kinsey Sex Education gives the message to indoctrinated youth, and public,that this irresponsible kind of violence is permitted to get what people want.

    The National Women’s Party was founded in 1915 by Alice Paul to get the right to vote ,and she authored The Equal Rights Amendment. Alice Paul stated that ,” Abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women.” There was no disagreement from fellow suffragettes. This Kinsey so-called Sex Education that is now indoctrinating our innocent, impressionable schoolchildren, as a legalized right is searing the consciences of our future generations.

  2. Forgive me if I got this wrong, but wasn’t it asserted a few years ago that the reason Trudeau Sr caved regarding abortion, was the fact that Morgentaler was blackmailing the pm regarding some of Trudeau’s MP’s & ministers who had procured abortions for their girlfriends/wives. That would explain a lot.

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