Trudeau Says Pro-Life Candidates Not Welcome In Liberal Party

Story here.

I guess that applies to votes too.

Hey Justin, tomorrow around Noon – 1PM, I invite you to look outside your window on Parliament Hill.  See those 20,000+ people?

That number is going to grow and grow every year, and every year, the Liberal Party will have less and less votes.

Personally, I’m just waiting for your bishop to have the gonads to enlighten you that you are no longer Catholic and that you are not welcome to receive the Eucharist until you repent.  Deadbeat.

3 thoughts on “Trudeau Says Pro-Life Candidates Not Welcome In Liberal Party

  1. Liberals deserve a better leader. It’s crystal clear that neither Mr Trudeau, nor Mr Mulcair deserve our vote.
    IN a democratic country, in a debate as crucial as on life issues, such as abortion, to not allow a vote , on the part of Mps , on concience, is clearly unconscionable.
    We say this is a democracy. Wake up Canadians. Where do you live?

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