Trudeau has no clothes on niqab

Would Trudeau be comfortable with a hooded Klansman taking the oath of citizenship? Or a Nazi wearing a swastika armband? Or an anarchist wearing a balaclava? Even if you defend the niqab on religious lines, you run up against the fact that not all religious beliefs are defensible. Would it be OK for a man — either Muslim or Christian — to bring his four wives to the citizenship ceremony, because his God says plural marriage is a right?

This isn’t about the right to choose a burka over a bikini. This is about upholding the fundamental values of the country in which you wish to make your home. (Source)

Absolutely. The Catholic Church actually recognizes that the right to religious freedom can’t be exercised at the expense of the common good. What other religion or ideology is so lucid? Why don’t you join us?

5 thoughts on “Trudeau has no clothes on niqab

  1. The older Trudeau did not want The Notwithstanding Clause put in His Canadian Charter of so-called Rights And Freedoms,but the majority of Canadian Premiers would not go for it without this clause, as without it would have insured Canadian Judicial and Government Tyranny,albeit the so-called “neutral” Democratic Secular Pagan variety. This is what The younger Trudeau, The Liberal , N D P faithful ,the so-called Neo-Conservatives,Judiciary and The Popular Secular Media Moguls know precisely, and what they are politically accomplishing ,but the Politically Correct ideology of so-called “neutral” Secular Democratic Paganism has so dumbed down the public etc.,since it’s formation as The New Western State Sanctioned so-called “neutral” Christless Secular Pagan Worldview-Religion in the mid-1960’s. Canadian and Western Civilizations school teachers led students in The Lord’s Prayer,and Sex Education was dating,courtship and sex after faithful marriage to one of the opposite sex. Now schoolchildren are indoctrinated in the tenets of so-called neutral Democratic Secular Paganism by adult schoolteachers and homosexual etc.,activists.These religious seculars know that multiplied billions of dollars are generated each year in direct response to so-called neutral Secular Pagan Sex Education. Kinsey Sex Education Indoctrinated kids jumping in bed with each other are supporting entire industries of grateful adults,albeit the so-called “neutral”Democratic Christless Secular kind.

  2. Your argument could be seen as a double-edged sword. If “The Catholic Church actually recognizes that the right to religious freedom can’t be exercised at the expense of the common good,” one could argue that Same-Sex “Marriage” is for the ‘common good’, thereby nullifying church belief to the contrary.

    As for “Bringing four wives to the citizenship ceremony,” I can imagine a day not too far off into the future when this will also become the norm.

    • The Church makes such a statement because it’s true. It shows that the Church is confident that the ways of Christ are always in keeping with the common good.

      I’ve never seen anyone make a coherent claim that same-sex marriage is supportive of the “common good”. The arguments are very weak and focussed on the individual, the couple, their mutual consent, etc. I’ve seen very convincing arguments to the contrary, that same-sex marriage undermines the family, society and morality in general.

      • It’s not that I don’t agree with you. I was playing the role of the devil’s advocate. If the secularists actually made that claim I wouldn’t agree with it, but given the slant of the secular media, I wouldn’t be surprised if the opinion was used as a sledgehammer against the moral authority of the church.

        It’s not like that hasn’t happened before, has it?

  3. Starting in 1962 The Western Democratic Legal,Political,and Academic Elite Sanctioned a New State Worldview-Religion of so-called neutral Secularism, by claiming and convincing The Western Democratic public into believing that this form of Christless Paganism is morally and legally neutral. Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity from Multicultural Paganism about the year 307, and Sanctioned Christianity as The State ‘s Worldview.Before this Christians were murdered and persecuted for sport by government decree for their Worldview-Religion,and all sorts of Worldviews-Religions such as today’s Western Democratic so-called “neutral” Secular Multi-Culturalism accepted as the norm. When Christianity is no longer The State Sanctioned Worldview ,as it is not today in Western Civilization ,than real Christians are persecuted in MultiCultural So-called “neutral” Democratic Secular Countries,and adult school teachers,homosexual etc.,activists normalize the morals and law of Secular Paganism starting with Kindergarteners. Thus traumatized schoolchildren have no-one to help them in so-called neutral Christless Secular Pagan Land.This has devolved democratic secular society to accepting the morals of Pagan Greece and Pagan Rome. The only so-called Christian Edifices Of Worship allowed are the ones who comply to The Articles Of The National Reich Church Of Western So-called neutral Secular Civilization. In Canada Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s and the liberals so-called Charter Of Rights and Freedoms took the moral decisions from the people, and put them in the hands of the few who consider themselves the political elite. Public debates and referendums might prevent the so-called “neutral”secular political class from structuring western society against the interests of the people.

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