Tribute to Father Bob

I was a boy when Father Bedard came to Assumption parish in what is now Vanier about 1959. I also attended St. Pius X about 1965 to 1967.

At Assumption, he was brilliant and very popular. He started a lot of activities for young people like alter boys, boy scouts and girl guides. He really got a lot of people involved in what was a very dead parish. It was never the same after he left in the early sixties. He was a very bright line shining in my life and a big influence for better or worse. Although I have not seen him for some fifty years, I will never forget him.

I write this from Waterloo, Ontario just as his funeral is going on. I join in that celebration of a person who was a true imitator of Christ and a genuine priest. If it is the pure of heart who are blessed to see God as Christ said in the sermon on the mount then surely Father Bedard is now seeing right into the mystery of God.

Mike M.

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