Traditional Anglicans Received Into The Church

Pics here.

Would have loved to be there, but I had to be at my parish with my family for Divine Mercy Sunday.  (We were readers.)

At the reception downstairs, I had the good fortune to meet one of my readers who actually came out because she saw the poster on this blog!  That made my day, as I never would have expected that since we only usually get St. Maurice parishioners, and only the hard-core ones at that!  Shout out to you Mighty Mouse! 😀

By the way, did you notice the difference of the Altar’s appearance at the Basilica during this Mass?  See all those Candles and that big Crucifix, right in the middle of it? That really is what our altars should be looking like as well. But, you know, the rebellion continues.  That’s why the entry of these Anglo-Catholics into the Church is a shot in the arm for us regulars.

Happy day for you, Deb.  Hopefully, happier days for us too.  😉


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