Town Rejects Rosary as Offensive

…Last year, he and a group of others prayed the Rosary outside the rectory of  a local church, but this year, Casey, the owner of a hardwood-floor company,  asked the township if he and a group of others could pray the Rosary in the town  common. “Part of the Rosary is penance, and praying in public is part of that,” he explained recently.  The town told him they’d consider his request. They also told him not to  bother coming to the town meeting. They told him they’d email him their  decision. Well, Casey didn’t exactly like the sound of that, so he went anyway.  And he couldn’t believe what happened.  “When my agenda item came up, all three of them unanimously denied my  request,” he said. “They said they didn’t want to offend anyone in the  town.”… (Source)

Thankfully, this story had a happy ending.  But it’s not always like that.  We’re such cowards when it comes to standing up for our Faith when confronted with some blow-back from the Secularists. This must stop and stop right now, or it’s curtains on religious freedom.

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