Thou Shalt Not Disrupt the System

QUESNEL, BC, February 6, 2008 ( – The last half a decade has not been easy on B.C. teacher, Chris Kempling.In 2003 the soft-spoken educator was cited by the College of Teachers for professional misconduct, after he wrote in to a local newspaper outlining Christian teachings on homosexuality. After a hearing on the matter, Kempling was found guilty of the charges, and his teaching license was suspended for a month. appealed that decision in the Canadian court system, all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. In the process he spent “well over” a hundred-thousand dollars in legal fees, he says. In the end, the Supreme Court denied his appeal.And now Kempling has discovered that he is facing yet another citation from the College; and this time around, says Kempling, it is possible that he could lose his teaching license altogether.During a telephone interview with LifeSiteNews today, Kempling sounded beleaguered and apprehensive. He told LifeSiteNews that he is “dismayed” by the most recent development in what has been an almost four-year-long, and extremely stressful and costly ordeal for both him and his family.

In an e-mail sent out this morning, Kempling told supporters that he received a letter informing him that he is being cited on numerous counts for conduct “unbecoming” of a teacher. One of the counts on which he has been cited, he says, is simply for being a candidate for the federal political party, the Christian Heritage Party.

“They have cited me for participating in a CBC radio interview where I quoted the Bible saying that homosexual behaviour is a barrier to salvation,” he wrote, “for contributing an essay discussing the philosophical differences between social liberals and social conservatives (published in the Calgary Herald on December 29, 2003), for publishing a scholarly article in a German family journal on the topic of homosexuality, for offering orientation change therapy as part of my private counselling practice and mentioning this in a radio interview, and, incredibly, for ‘knowing’ that an article written by Christian Heritage Party leader Ron Gray in support of me was posted on the party’s website.”

“They also cited me for being ‘the local representative of the Christian Heritage Party.’  This is certainly true as I was the candidate for the CHP, Canada’s sixth largest registered political party, in the last federal election in the Cariboo-Prince George riding (I came 5th out of 8 candidates.)”

“I’m dismayed,” Kempling told LifeSiteNews today. “I’m dismayed that activities entirely outside of the scope of my job and which have engendered no reaction or complaint would result in an additional citation…I’m dismayed that their reach is extending so far into my private life, and overriding the very clear provisions in the Charter for political freedom and for freedom of speech.”

What disturbs Kempling the most, he says, is how closely the College of Teachers must have been keeping tabs on him, especially to have found out such a detail as that he published an article in a German magazine.

 “I’m expecting another suspension,” he said about the possible results of the impending hearing, in which he will defend himself against the charges in the citation, “but they have said that the penalty could include the cancellation of my license.”

Kempling expressed that if he were found guilty of the charges, he would be willing to appeal once again, although the legal fees would be extensive. “My current lawyer is supplied by the B.C. teachers Federation,” he said, “but she has made it clear to me that if I wish to appeal I need to find other council.  She has no interest in taking it beyond the current level.”

“This is extremely distressing for me and my family, and I would welcome your prayers,” Kempling wrote to his supporters this morning. He has also appealed for financial help, to assist with the mounting cost of legal fees.

“It appears that I may have to ask those who care about freedom to help me defend myself again. I am not afraid to face them, but please do not leave me like Uriah to face the enemy alone….I am happy, because I know my Christian brothers and sisters will stand with me as I face this trial yet again.” (LifeSiteNews)

It’s been great riding with the “Ezra & Mark Blogger Posse” these past few weeks as we kicked the snot out of the Star Chambers, but I would like to once again remind the internet community and, in particular the non-Christian Free Speechers, that Christians have been experiencing these type of tactics for many years now.  I stopped logging them back in November 2005 when I figured that such thuggery was not going to be a rare thing but likely to happen every month or so. Once the frequency picks up to that pace, such reports remove themselves from the “News” category and place themselves instead in the “this is how things are now done in this country” slot.

 Here’s a report I dug up from 2001:

STRATFORD, PEI, May 23, 2001 ( – A Christian couple from Prince Edward Island who run a bed-and-breakfast out of their family home has been forced to close down their operation and pay a fee to two male homosexuals for refusing to comply with a Human Rights Commission (HRC) order. The Charlottetown Guardian reports that Dagmar and Arnost Cepica, owners of Beach View Bed and Breakfast, must shut down their two-room bed and breakfast and pay $1,000 in damages or else submit to a pro-homosexuality seminar by the Human Rights Commission and allow practicing homosexuals to take rooms in their home. Last August, Jean Bedard and Simon Corneau, two homosexual men from Montreal filed a complaint with the Prince Edward Island HRC claiming discrimination against their sexual orientation. At the time the Cepicas explained to reporters, “That’s the custom that we are used to, and the bed is shared by people, by married people of opposite sex.” The Guardian reported that the settlement came before a final ruling from the HRC. The settlement says in part that the Christian couple “agreed to cease operating a bed and breakfast or any other tourist accommodation and pay the complainants a sum of general damages. Furthermore, if the respondent commenced to operate a tourist facility in the future, they would provide to the commission assurance of compliance with the Human Rights Act.” Greg Howard, executive director of the Human Rights Commission, expressed satisfaction with the settlement. “It was an interesting case because it was a real clash of cultures,” said Howard. “The people who operated the bed and breakfast had very strong opinions about the matters that were covered in the complaint but misguided. They honestly didn’t believe that they were in non-compliance with the human rights legislation in the province by enforcing the policy that they did.” (The Guardian May 23, 2001) .

As we can read from the Kempling case above, the totalitarian influence to squash freedom of speech – even being so brazen as to punish a teacher for representing a Christian political party – shows just how deep the fascist sentiment goes in this country. Chris Kempling was not teaching – God forbid – his views on homosexuality to students in the classroom.  Like the Boisson case, he merely wrote a letter to his local newspaper.  That was enough to start the ball rolling over Chris Kempling and ruin a first rate teacher’s career — even after an appeal to the BC Supreme Court who sided with the BC College of Teachers’ original suspension of him.

Kempling wrote letters to the editor in the local newspaper during the summer holidays of 2002 critical of homosexuality. Among his “crimes” was quoting Scripture to imply that homosexual acts do not meet with the highest standards of morality. Justice Ronald Holmes of the BC Supreme Court said that Kempling’s editorial comments were “discriminatory”, and “could reasonably cause disruption to the school system.”

And that really sums it up for the current Kafka establishment in this country who have created their own Commandments for us to follow, one of which is:  THOU SHALT NOT DISRUPT THE SYSTEM

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