Tory Candidates Don’t Need Brains

That’s the headline from a CP report appearing in the Toronto Star on Thursday.

Here’s the salient portion:

“Neither IQ level, nor political astuteness are prerequisites to be a candidate — just a citizen over 18 with a reasonable credit record, no serious crime sheet and a surname other than Riddell,” Finley wrote in a December e-mail to Ian Brodie, who now is chief of staff to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.”

Well, if that was the criteria, I totally understand why they pick the candidates that they do. Of course, if that was the sole criteria for the admission into the Tory club, there would have been no beef with letting yours truly stand for nominination in Ottawa West Nepean.

If it’s not intelligence or political history but only someone who hasn’t had any financial difficulties or has a crime record, then why wasn’t I allowed to run, Doug?

I’ll tell you why. Because I dared to tell the truth about the documented and journaled health consequences of gay sex when no one else wanted to touch that issue with a ten foot condom.

So, Doug and Ian, here’s a message you can send to the boys in the inner chamber: make sure you put integrity and honesty in the optional qualities of anyone seeking a Conservative Party nomination.

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