Toronto Trustees Reject Bishops’ Bullying Policy in Favour of GSAs

By squeaker

By now  you’ve probably heard that some courageous trustees in the Toronto Catholic board had put forward a motion to replace the homosexualist Gay Straight Alliances (GSA) mandated by the government with the “Respecting Differences” policy developed by the Ontario bishops. “Respecting Differences” combats all kinds of bullying, including against homosexuals. Unfortunately, last week the majority of trustees voted to reject “Respecting Differences” and maintain the Ontario Liberals’ GSAs.

It’s hard to imagine a more emphatic and public rejection of Catholic morality than to vote against a good policy put for by the bishops to correct a gross abuse of power by the Ontario Liberals. Clearly the trustees are not obeying Cardinal Collins’ wishes.

At least now we know who needs to be voted out of a trustee job at the next election and who needs to be re-elected.

The seven renegades are: Peter Jakovcic, Ann Andrachuk, Sal Piccininni, Maria Rizzo, Jo-Ann Davis, Barbara Poplawski, and Nancy Crawford.

The four good trustees that tried to save our schools are Garry Tanuan, John Del Grande, Angela Kennedy, and Patrizia Bottoni. 

Some of the renegades rationalized their vote by saying that the GSAs are mandated by provincial law and therefore cannot be opposed. There are two arguments to shoot down that cop out.

  1. The legal argument is that the law that instituted the GSAs is unconstitutional because it violates the Catholic schools rights to teach the Faith. So the law itself is bunk. It should be challenged in the courts ASAP.
  2. The moral argument is that Catholics are allowed and even obliged to act against immoral laws that threaten the well-being of the Church and the common good. In other words, even if the law wasn’t unconstitutional, the trustees would have an obligation to act against it.

I’d be curious to know what would have been the outcome of such a vote in the Ottawa Catholic board. I’m not optimistic.

So let’s make sure we get a good turnout at the next election of trustees. Let’s bounce the renegades and take back our schools.


One thought on “Toronto Trustees Reject Bishops’ Bullying Policy in Favour of GSAs

  1. A case of salt and light having lost its effect. No surprise here, when you allow yourself to be funded by the Government you have to tow the line. Catholic schools should not be publicly funded so they can remain true to Catholic teaching – and let the chips fall where they may. If there are not enough Catholic ratepayers to support their own schools, so be it. At least Catholic schools will not be forced to prostitute themselves, and lead unsuspecting children to Hell.

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