Toronto Star Supports Free Speech

Does society need to cast more of a chill on press freedom in order to combat discrimination? Polemicists such as Steyn are better countered in the marketplace of ideas. Readers who feel ill-served are free to go elsewhere. Parliament and the legislatures should rethink laws that have the effect of targeting opinions rather than actions. (Toronto Star).

Aside from one or two editorial comments, the Toronto Star has not covered the biggest story of the year on their front page.  It’s quite disgraceful.  But you have to speculate with their rather sheepish opposition to S.13 if they are not wondering how long it will be before some Christian targets them for use of their property and the “right of response”.   To save face and to prevent an ideological bias of their mandate, sooner or later, the HRCs would have to rule in favour of a Christian and against a liberal mouthpiece like the Toronto Star.  And if that happened, well, the heads of the editors and publisher of the Toronto Star would explode in fury. Liberals have a hard time understanding that the law does indeed cut both ways.  And if it doesn’t or is not seen to be cutting both ways, then you lay the ground work for civil unrest. That’s how it works.

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