Toronto school board poster promotes polygamy

Society is decaying right on schedule. Now that marriage has been redefined to include same-sex couples, it was only a matter of time before polygamy would start to be normalized. I just didn’t expect it would start with school kids. As you can see on the poster to the right, which is being plastered across schools in the Toronto District School Board, they show couples made up of two men or two women, as well as two women with one man (at the top) and two men with one woman (bottom-right corner).

I think these activists should man-up and promote their depravities themselves, to other adults, rather than hiding behind posters and targeting kids. Pick on someone your own size.

Of course, women are the big losers here. While polygamy can theoretically involve several men for one woman, the reality is that it’s almost always various women for one man, harem-style. This sends the message that one woman isn’t enough to satisfy one man, so he needs several to match him. Polygamy is really about inequality and the degradation of women. I can’t believe the feminists refuse to see it.


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