Toronto cardinal criticizes Wuerl, Rosica for accusing conservative bishops of not ‘liking’ the pope

Cardinal Thomas Collins, the archbishop of Toronto, has criticized Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl and Vatican spokesman Father Thomas Rosica after the two suggested faithful Catholic prelates really “just don’t like the pope.”

“I don’t know where they’re coming from, either Cardinal Wuerl or Fr. Rosica,” Collins said from Rome in a phone interview with Toronto Star last week. “The Holy Father has been really clear: If you’ve got some concerns you express them. That’s hardly opposing the Pope or something; that’s ridiculous. What do we want, everyone to say nothing?”…(Source)

You know it’s bad when Cardinal Collins has to actually name Rosica and Wuerl. It’s a sign that things are really unraveling.  But it’s not really something that is quite necessary. We’ve been playing this fairy-tale that we all believe in the same things in the Catholic Church, but the reality is that is not the case. The only thing new about this is that now it’s all in the open.  And thanks be to God for that.

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