Tories taking a stand against McGuinty’s sex ed

A bit late in the game, but still a positive development: the Tories are attacking McGuinty’s homosexualist sex-ed program. IT’S ABOUT BLOODY TIME. Read the story below.

Note: To facilitate your translation of the left-wing foreign language of the news article, simply replace words like “inflammatory” and “wedge” with “truth” and “facts”.

The Tory flyer is also shown below.

Tories doggedly sticking to wedge politics in dying days of Ontario election

OTTAWA – With support eroding and their campaign seemingly running out of steam, Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives are dismissing suggestions that they’re doggedly sticking to wedge issues as they fight to pull ahead of the governing Liberals in Thursday’s election.

Leader Tim Hudak is standing by a controversial campaign flyer about sex education that some groups have branded as homophobic, stoking fears that parents will be kept in the dark about what their children are being taught in school.

Asked Tuesday whether he still supports the flyer, Hudak responded: “Of course.”

“I think the only one who has explaining to do is Dalton McGuinty, who wants to bring in a sex-ed curriculum that would start in Grade 1 when kids are six years old,” he said while visiting a restaurant in the premier’s Ottawa-South riding.

“And then on top of that, he wants to keep these things hidden from moms and dads. I think that’s wrong.”

The flyer makes a number of inflammatory claims about Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum, including teaching “cross-dressing for six-year-olds.” (Continue reading here)


One thought on “Tories taking a stand against McGuinty’s sex ed

  1. In a democracy the citizens are responsible and accountable to elect Traditional Family Values politicians, who pass wholesome Bills into Law in our Legislatures and Parliament. blessing to all Traditional Family Values Politicians, and the citizens who support them.

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