6 thoughts on “Topless activist jumps on main altar at Strasbourg cathedral to protest Pope Francis

  1. I am so sick and tired of nothing happening to these aggressive women when they defile the Church and Sacred grounds and more importantly Holy people. This business of just allowing them to vent to do their satanically inspired garbage is not o.k. I always say where are the men of God?

    The pure vitriolic hatred and abuse streaming from them should be punished as would anyone else’s who carried out as they do in ANY other venue or to any other human being. Can you imagine what would happen if a person considered Christian or Heaven help us, a homeschooler or Pro-life person did even the slightest thing deemed offensive to “any” person, what guillotine measures would fall upon them ,not to mention kangaroo court like, so-called “legal” action would be taken against them.? Yet, as is the ever growing norm… no action of any sort occur or occurred,deeming this to be the heinous and offensive, not to mention illegal acts that they are ever takes place,… except when Russian officials did something , to the all femmen like rock band that defiled a Church in Russia. Nothing, legal or anything of any substantial nature happens to these vile abusive people who call themselves “women”. They have become ghastly caricatures of their real identities, from reasons only God knows, and only God can heal. When like this however, they are led right from the enemy. Pour Holy water over them and tell them to go back where they came from and tell them they need to go to Confession while they still have time, and of course pray for them. But do not put up with their abuse. There has to be a balance.

    It is hard to be a woman when this crap takes place and these witches (that is exactly, what they are for they are full of occult spirits right from the devil to act in such ways, and need exorcisms, and true contrite confessions before Almighty God to dispel the evil spirits leading them in such manners,) do not represent me or the women or any women I think deserve basic respect
    One last thing after I was finished my prayer witness down in front of Morgentaler’s death mill the other day, and was waiting to get in the car of my fellow Pro-Life gentleman’s vehicle, last Friday. (I believe it was Friday ), we were interrupted by some such scag screeching aggressively at me, as she was about to get into a taxi mind you right there on Queen st. in front of some people on the street , and with the obvious hatefilled intent that she wanted me to approach her.
    She began her hate filled tirade by saying in a come over her manner. YOU —-, you should have been aborted and since I just looked back her way, not saying anything as I was trying to finish my prayer with my friend, she grew angrier, and screeched it again using her body language to shew me away as if I was a piece of dirt , screeching some more vile comments of the devil that she was full of to the utter amazement on my part of just how much vile garbage could come out of her in so little a time with such pure hatred, especially since no one especially my friend and I had even noticed her till she began her shrieking. She repeated over and over again that I should have been aborted and told me to go back to my -get this “petty” God…proof she was full of satan. (I refuse to capitalize the enemy’s name).
    This is amusing though, since she was running out of vile resentment remarks, and upon, noticing my friend’s license plate was from Quebec , she added, if I can quote her, “Go back to Quebec and your petty God!” Gee! gave me a newfound empathy for what some Quebecor’s go through , just because they are from Quebec…( maybe???). Don’t know but I have to admit I have been praying for Quebec and its residents for years now, especially for the beautiful traditional minded souls whose statues of Our Blessed Lady adorn their front yards, remnants of a long forgotten culture that Our Lady WILL restore to Her and Our Blessed Lord and Saviour, Jesus’ province, some day. When people say “Vive Le Quebec!”, it will mean from the communist , anti-christ tyranny that has been allowed to proliferate from some anarchists who hate with the same degree almost as this woman I encountered just to… hate, and promote Separatism and the like, so they can all hate together.
    Not all Separatists are like this of course, but a good many come from that hatred of their real roots, the ONLY ones that provided them anything close to real freedom from the chains that keep them bound in the anger and hatred to begin with.
    We must make the connection of how prevalent the contraceptive culture and abortion is as well, dans La Belle Province. God have mercy and help Quebec and her people, for they belong to you.

  2. It really upsets me. What is wrong with these people!! They cannot have had good lives.
    I don’t know that men being active in Church would change this. The world has gone mad.

  3. When so-called Catholics vote for politicians that indoctrinate a society starting with schoolchildren, in Kinsey Sex Education POLITICALLY,then what else can you expect from the indoctrinated?

    In 1948 Educator Dr.Alfred C.Kinsey backed by Prominent so-called “neutral” Secular University Deans, and Billionaires published his textbook”Sexual Behavior In The Human Male,in 1953 Sexual Behavior In The Human Female.Both books complete with so-called scientific tables showed children to seniors brought to sexual orgasm,by so-called scientific researchers.

    A so-called Christian society ought to have put these people in prison,but because these individuals were PROMINENT in Education and Business this was now called Science!The names of these so-called PROMINENT Billionaires and Deans are in the first pages of Dr.Alfred C. Kinsey’s textbooks. Political Apathy and Indifference for Christians including THE so-called Royal Priesthood in a democracy leads to Hell,don’t you think?

    Dr.Alfred C.Kinsey’s Thesis “Outlet Sex” placed all sexual acts on the same moral,social and biological level in or out of marriage,between people of the same or opposite sex,or when sex involved children or animals.Kinsey and his Prominent backers declared this research proves so-called “neutral” Secular science has found no value in Traditional Sexual Morality. This was swallowed hook,line and sinker by the Educators of Western Civilization.Catholic Priesthood,do you still believe Secularism is “neutral”? To preach that there ought to be a so-called “neutral”Secular and Christian divide in Democratic Government,Law and Education is Diabolical!

    My contemporaries started every school morning in Canada and Western Civilization with The Lord’s Prayer,led by their school teachers, because The Royal Priesthood and Christian majority POLITICALLY kept it that way.

    Why are you politically letting our schoolchildren from Kindergarten, to University Graduation get indoctrinated in the tenets of so-called “neutral”Secular Paganism? Has the so-called “neutral” Secular Paganism secretly converted you too? Every picture tells it’s story,especially in a democracy.The choice is still the same Christ or Barabbas? So-called”neutral”Secular Paganism or Christianity?

  4. Politics come AFTER Truth. Truth is The One and Only Catholic Church begun by none other than Jesus Christ Himself. Stop singling out Catholics , for what you deem to be first a political wrong.

    ANYTHING outside of the complete teachings of Jesus Christ about HIS CHURCH is heresy. Anything either left out or added is heresy and is NOT from HIM.

    The One True God is in charge of the government. Before people know what and who to follow in accord with any political way they must follow what Jesus Christ says and then it will follow they will vote for people who adhere to support what He says and what HE says.
    Know what the First Commandment is (whether we hear it in school rooms or not,of course that is the way it should be, a lot of things unfortunately are not as they should be and getting what appears worse but that is because the order is wrong of what they are putting first and for whatever reasons people give it will not continue to get better until people do what Jesus and Our Blessed Virgin, Mother and Queen Mary requested at Fatima many years ago, and to pray their Rosaries and do what HE says which is to LOVE the Lord God FIRST with ALL our hearts ,minds , bodies and our lives…only then can we even begin to follow the other Commandments. It requires deeply loving Jesus in relationship so that He is the ONLY ONe we adore and seek to please and to listen to HIS , and the Beautiful , Blessed Immaculate Virgin and MOther and Queen Mary He gave us
    If people were really following the One True Church Jesus founded and made use of Her Awesome Sacramental gifts to aid in their Salvation and learned about their Faith (the devil is, and has always been attacking The One True Church with a vengeance …which is precisely why one must know how Our God has made available everything we need to crush the enemy …. beginning with The Sacraments and The Rosary ,and for us to know with assurance that it is Our Blessed Virgin Mother and Queen Mary , Whom Our Lord and Saviour Jesus has given the job to crush satan’s ugly head. Truth be told, but we have at our disposal ONLY in HIS Church what He has promised us IF we are TRUE to HIM. Anything else is putting the cart before the horse. Children know in their hearts WHO God is as do all people if they were to listen truly to their hearts God has made it so. He stamped HIS blueprint of Truth on each and every soul before we were born.

    Problem is the world the flesh and the devil who never sleeps have always tried to confuse , distort, lie and crowd out The One True God , since the beginning of time.

    God BEFORE politics and listening to God and HIS Truth in HIS Magisterium, in His Church, with Her deposit of Faith, Her Traditions and the Saints of Old BEFORE anything else.

    • Dear Citizen,

      I guess you have a very valid point about what you spoke of in the Church and certainly in politics and education, but what I was trying to say was that FIRST people had to follow the 10 Commandments, specifically the 1st Commandment, and stay close to Jesus and Mary regardless of all the phoney voices of so called false Christians, (not following the One True Faith, as well as Catholics not following what the Church teaches I remember in my thirteenth year, (I was attending St. Joseph’s high school…for grade nine), and I had History class led by a middle aged nun who I believe had also taught my older sisters. She would insist we begin with The Lord’s prayer. What stands out though and I remember this because even at the age of thirteen something she stressed and which did not ring properly with me, and seemed even very strange and bothered me was her over and very serious emphasis on how there was a World population problem. I do not know why she stressed this, whether it was her own personal non-Catholic belief or whether she had it taught to her in her formation. I was there in 1972, my sisters attended in the early 1960s’who are almost 11 and 8 years older than me respectively. My point still must be made though , because of God’s Grace ,God tried to break through to me that business on so-called overpopulation was wrong.

      If we stay close to Him and Our Beloved Blessed Mother Mary, and listen to what Our Lady of Fatima asks of us, because Jesus wants what She requested(not some phony diabolical “mary” from false apparitions such as Medjugorje.), we stand a good chance of desiring only Truth and our votes will show this.

      The two comments made by each of us do not have to be exclusive in what they are trying to convey, but rather mutual in what they are similarly expressing perhaps in different ways on the main points and especially from your comments on what indeed takes place today and obviously did take place not all that long ago.

      What you say, I do agree with in terms of that there are many false so-called Catholics, as there are many false so-called “Christians” period.

      Peace be with you
      and we all need prayer
      In Jesus, Mary and Joseph
      For Life

  5. Frances, Canada and Western Civilization were Christian in Government, Law and Education until about the mid 1960’s.School teachers led students in The Lord’s Prayer,because our Citizens and Royal Priesthood kept it POLITICALLY that way in OUR CHRISTIAN DEMOCRACIES ! That is the truth ,even if you choose not to believe it.Secular Pagan Canada is what it is because many so-called Catholics are really Seculars.Don’t you think?

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