Too Much of a Drag

This is why countries that fall into this model don’t care about defense and care even less about having children. National Defense means losing comforts. It means sacrificing part of the huge social programs they have come to expect, to be entitled to. And children? Too expensive. Too much of a drag. (Mark Steyn, America Alone, ~p45-55)


That last sentence really hits the spot, doesn’t it? If we could sum up the culture’s disposition toward children from abortion, to contraception, to daycare, to child abuse, to child neglect, to fatherless households, to etc. etc, this would be it: Children: too much of a drag.

Too much of a drag to sacrifice for another. Too much of a drag to sustain our culture from complete collapse. Too much of a drag to care. Just too much of drag, man.

Is it any wonder that euthanasia is so popular today? Old people and their health problems: too much of drag, man.

If America wants to rid itself of this putrid socialism that is eating away at the Western world, it should pull its defenses out of Europe and get them to start paying their own way. The welfare state and all of its destructive philosophies would disappear within 10 years.

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