Too many babies?

Fear of too many babies is hard to bear
Chicago Sun-Times
October 22, 2006

Last Tuesday morning, in a maternity ward somewhere in the United States, the 300 millionth American arrived. He or she got a marginally warmer welcome than Mark Foley turning up to hand out the prizes at junior high. One could have predicted the appalled editorials from European newspapers aghast at yet another addition to the swollen cohort of excess Americans consuming ever more of the planet’s dwindling resources. And, when Canada’s National Post announced “‘Frightening’ Surge Brings US To 300m People,” you can appreciate their terror: the millions of Democrats who declared they were moving north after Bush’s re-election must have placed incredible strain on Canada’s highways, schools, trauma counselors, etc.

But the wee bairn might have expected a warmer welcome from his or her compatriots. Alas not. “Three hundred million seems to be greeted more with hand-wringing ambivalence than chest-thumping pride,” observed the Washington Post, which inclines toward the former even on the best of days. No chest-thumping up in Vermont, either. “Organizations such as the Shelburne-based Population Media Center are marking the 300 million milestone with renewed warnings that world population growth is unsustainable,” reported the Burlington Free Press. Across the country, the grim milestone prompted this reaction from a somber Dowell Myers. “At 300 million,” noted the professor of urban planning and demography at the University of Southern California, “we are beginning to be crushed under the weight of our own quality-of-life degradation.” (Source)


Mark Steyn is one of my favourite writers, but like most of the press in the West today (even great conservative writers like Steyn), they refuse to pin the tail on the donkey. I’ve even emailed Mr. Steyn a number of times and let him know that the donkey has long been without his tail and it’s high time that we all grow up and admit that the donkey has no tail!

Who is the donkey, you ask? On occasion, he moonlights as the “elephant in the room” that no one speaks about either. What’s his real name? Well, Mr. Rubbers, of course —Contraception.

As more and more reports come in from around the Western world warning of an inevitable and, some say, inescapable population implosion, those morons at the UN (well represented by Canadian Malthusians I might add) keep strumming the overpopulation bomb that fizzled back in the early 80’s when the dire predictions did not materialize. And now we are faced with the exact opposite problem – what I call the “Gerintol Generation”.

The problem today is not that we fail to realize that our civilization is headed into oblivion. It’s that we don’t want to change our sex lives to conform with nature. Let’s face it: when you have to convince a near majority of the population that two nuts or two bolts cannot replace a nut and a bolt on the machine, you know that we’ve got problems, Houston. Super Duper problems.

And all that started with contraception. Once we said yes to contraceptive sex in principle, then contraceptive sex with anyone or anything became licit. Let’s all just come clean. Same-sex “marriage” did not suddenly manifest itself. It needed a foundation to move. 40 years after its legalization in Canada, contraception has led us down the garden path into state sponsored sodomy and eventual disintegration.

As Buckwheat once said, “Remarkabooooooow.”

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