Tony the Phony

It is being reported that British Prime Minister Tony Blair is expected to convert to the Catholic Faith after he leaves office. You can read the story here.

Normally, such an occasion would be a joyous event. However, in Tony’s case, I must withhold my enthusiasm.

This was the same man who jackbooted the Catholic Church into forcing her adoption agencies to give over children to homosexual couples. This was merely a few months ago too.

This is also the same man who celebrated the House of Lord’s March 21 vote in favour of the controversial Sexual Orientation Regulations by attending an Equality fundraising dinner the following evening, put on by the UK’s leading homosexual activist organization Stonewall. The SOR passed by a 168-122 vote in the House, ensuring the implementation of new “anti-discrimination” policies beginning April 30.In his speech at the Stonewall event, PM Blair said it was a “real honour” to be in attendance and thanked members of Stonewall, saying “we couldn’t have done it without you.” (Source)

March 21 folks. Today is May 18. See a problem here?

While we are all sinners needing Christ’s grace, there are some sinners more worthy than others, I am afraid. It is one thing to be a sinner. It is quite another thing to extol the sin and call what is evil a good. Normally, if someone stops being a homosexual propagandist like Tony Blair was in his public life, a certain period of reflection and repentance usually occurs. In Blair’s case, however, he was long rumored and coached into becoming Catholic. Ergo, he was well on the way to becoming Catholic during the period of time he was passing the most destructive and violent legislation against children and (soon-to-be) his own Church! I wonder if, when he is received into the Church, he is willing to put up with the persecution he himself has launched against his brothers and sisters in Christ. His actions really do stagger the mind and imagination.

I very much doubt that Tony had a Saulian conversion on the way to Damascus…which basically only shows us once again the false dichotomy of these so-called Catholic politicians who see no problem in attending Stonewall functions in the evening and singing “How Great Thou Art” on Sundays. Political schizos one and all.

And, once again, here we are watching what the Church is going to do. I think we all know.

“No problem. Just come right on in.”

What should be the Catholic response to Tony Blair? Very simply: you are not permitted into our Communion until you publicly repent of what you did to our Church when you were Prime Minister. Public sins, sir, require public repentance.

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