“To Mr. Pacheco: You are right.”

Hello Mr. Pacheco,

I witnessed some of the disappointing activities of Catholic priests and nuns in El Salvador in the 80s. They went from hiding Cuban mercenaries to delivering guns inside of bags filled with powdered milk; all of these people needed the milk and the priests needed the people to fight in order to establish a government and a system which they considered more just (Fidel Castro’s style). They were very involved with the communists’ rebels and taught and preached the theology of liberation. It appears to be that often, whether is supporting abortion or preaching the theology of liberation, Catholics, liberal Mennonites, and others went on the wrong direction. I strongly believe in empowering individuals assisting them with education, vocational training, and anything that will improve their lives. I just do not agree with inciting people who are struggling on different aspects of their lives, to kill, and destroy free enterprise in the name of social justice. Monsignor Romero, is an example of Catholics who have been elevated to the category of saints, which was as wrong as nominating Obama for the Nobel Peace Prize, and who mislead so many innocent people who had no knowledge or knew nothing about the difference between serving God or a narcissist guerrilla delivering false promises (and dressed as a priest or a worker from a socialist organization). A steady pace is needed regardless of opposition; to continue to stand for what is right on God’s eyes. Every little voice becomes that strength which is the will of the people. I commend you for your work in Canada against abortion and for your courageous standing for what is right.


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